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Future of the Game/crowdfunding (21 March 2021)

Future of the game

Dear managers,

I am writting this because we need your help. The game has a big cost/year and Arno supported the game for this last years but right now he isn't in condition to do that.

So we need to make a crowdfunding to keep the game alive.

Arno already asked for some help some time ago but till now only 3 managers helped donating some money, [b]Tiagoiowa(100€)[/b], [b]Rarau(15€)[/b] and [b]myself(15€)[/b]. I was expecting more from dedicated managers that are with us for years.

We aren't many managers but if managers help with 5€/10€/15€ would be great for game surviving.

If you want to help here is the info for transfer:

Account holder address:Het Eiland 13 5346KE Oss, Netherlands
IBAN:NL36 ABNA 0523 1782 39

So in May the game will end without your help, so is up to managers to decide if the game continues alive.

I am dissapointed because since Dave(IP) wasn't taking care the game, I get his trust to have acess and learn how to fix bugs and also ask Franks help since he loves the game to. We sacrifice time, our fun in the game and our competitive to give that fun to you guys, you could enjoy the game for years, so is just a small amont that we ask.

Like I said earlier I am trying to make an app for the game and ask yesterday Nico(Nikeboy) to help in the code, fixing bugs and improve.

I am still fighting to keep the game alive, are you too?

Problem solve (10 March 2021)

We are glad to inform that todays bug was fixed and races were simulated.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Todays stage problem (10 March 2021)

Todyas stage didn't run normally.

We are investigating whats happens and we will solve the problem and resimulate the race manually.

We will not set a time but we will try to fix everything till night.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Season 29 (28 February 2021)

Hi to all,
We are glad to inform you that Season 29 is ready.
The season will start 9th March.
Next sunday there will be a week update, don't forget to renew the sponsor if finish, renew contracts and buy merchandise.
We also made some adjustments to DIv 4 and Div 5.
Div 4 have again 4 sub divisions and only 2 teams promote and 2 teams relegate.
In div 5 there are 8 sub divisions and only 1 team promote.
We also help some teams with financial problems.

Hope you enjoy the new season and good luck.

Season update (26 February 2021)

Season update will take place sunday night.

1st stage of season 29 will be day 9 of March

Good luck for new season ;)

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