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Season end and start of the new season (26 June 2020)

Dear manager,

Season 26 is running to its end.
I hope you all enjoyed this exciting season.
Sunday the 5th of July is the last race of the season.
That night we will have a weekly and seasonal update following by a week without Peloton. This gives us the possibility to make some corrections, upload the new calendar and do some maintenance.

Season 27 will start on Tuesday July 14.

For a peek about the new calandar check our forum.

enjoy the last week of season 26

Team Peloton

Training speed of riders Poll (28 April 2020)


We are debating the future of the training in Peloton and everyone is free to go there and ask questions or give sugestions.

So please vitis the forum and give your vote

New Moderator (14 April 2020)

Peloton Managers,

we have a new moderator in game that will help us checking possible cheaters and other things.

A big thanks to Naspa for helping us with the game.

Changes in age distribution new cyclists (13 April 2020)

From now on new teams only get 18 and 19 year old cyclists on their roster, 19 year olds will also have a larger skillpool then their younger colleagues (meaning they will have a higher total skill).
Cyclists from youthscout will also gain the same extra skillpoints when aged 19.

P.S. : if there is someone else who fired their youthscout since the start of this month, please inform one of the admins if you want him reinstated !

Season 26 (16 March 2020)

Hi Peloton Managers,

Season 26 will start tomorrow, we will have a fantastic and competitive season.

Don't forget to set your team till 11.45 A.M. The stage will take place at 12h.

For new teams if you need some advice please check the forum

you will find that experienced managers will help you starting.

You can also find in game someone from your country and ask advices or propose as a tutor to help you in the beginning.

Good luck

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We are trying to increase te comunication between Peloton and managers, so we ask, did you recebe in your email Pelotons mails? If not and you want to recebe please speak in forum.

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