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Xmas (23 December 2020)

Dear All,

I have received two extra donations and I appreciate this extremely. This is a good start!
Although we are not a large community, we are a community dedicated to the game. I appreciate you all as managers and keep posting your ideas and opinions.

I want to wish everybody a blessed Christmas. Really hope you all enjoy some precious time with your loved ones, enjoy good food and of course the Tour of the Alps and the start of the Giro d'Italia here on Peloton.
Furthermore I wish you all a very happy, succesful, joyful but above all a healthy 2021!

Stay safe.

Season 28 ready (3 November 2020)

Season 28 is ready to go.

Have fun and good luck for new season.

Season Update (3 November 2020)

Season update will be tonight.

Site will be down at that time.

End of Season 27 and Season update (30 October 2020)


we are preparing to make tentry to the new season so sunday there isn't any week update.

Since there is lack of time from both of us next week is an offseason week. We will do the season update (still no day decided) so don't forget to buy merchandise and renew contracts.

Season 28 will start 10 November.

Todays stage (23 August 2020)

Hi there,

we have some problems with the DB that we are trying to solve.

We will try to solve it and simulate stage.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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