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Future Generation Funrace Competition - Season 8 (12 May 2019)

Hi everyone!

It's time for a new season of the FGFC (Future Generation Funrace Competition). The perfect way to test your youngsters, to test the new engine and to have more races (= more fun). I will take over the organisation from pollyjean , who did a great job last seasons but didn't have time now. The links to previous seasons of the FGFC can be found here (1 to 5), here (6) and here (7).

How does it work?
The teams are divided into divisions. In every division, there are 2 stages per week (starting at 22 may and for 8 weeks in total). The stages are secured with a password, that you will receive after you confirm your participation, to ensure that teams only enter in the correct races. For all races, there is a maximum age (I will stick to the in-game definition, so U25 means that 25 is the maximum age).

For all divisions standings are made. The last 4 teams from division 1 will relegate, while the first 2 teams of division 2 promote. When one of the division 1 teams stops playing, less teams will relegate. The teams in division 2 are randomly divided over both division.

Changes compared to last season
I will change a few things compared to last season. First of all, we will have races for U22 until U29, with two races per age category. Secondly, I will set the total fitness use to a maximum of 410. This is the total sum of fitness points that you can use for all riders. For example, you can have your riders at 100 - 100 - 70 - 70 - 70 or 100 - 85 - 85 - 70 - 70. Also empty rider slots are included, so it is NOT possible to ride with only 4 riders with all of them at 100%.

Points per race
I will use the points per race as used by Genomico , the founder of this competition.

I want to participate!
Great! Respond to this topic in forum, or send me a message (either in-game or at the forum, but I read the latter one less often). I already divided the teams that participated last season over the divisions. Please confirm your participation.

Credits to OP KOP DE SLOOT IN team Id-7856 - Div 1

Season 23 generated (19 March 2019)

First update will be this sunday 24th so don’t forget to buy merchandise. First race is on tuesday 26th of March.
The best of luck to everyone!

Season 23 (Update) (17 March 2019)

We reviewed the previous announcement an decided there will be no update today (sunday), the week- and seasonupdate will be on tuesday in the evening (also later then the usual update, we expect it to start around 21:30 CET).

Season 23 (12 March 2019)

Dear managers,

Season 22 is running to it's end and that means that season 23 will be next.
This Sunday, March 17 will be a normal weekly update.
The season update will be either on Monday March 18 or Tuesday March 19.

For the new season we will still use the old engine BUT we will implement something new.
The influence of mood will be reduced drastically and the form of the cyclist will be more important. This will be a new interesting element to the game and for every manager something new to discover and find out.
When this is implemented, the new calendar will be uploaded.
Expectation is that this will be done on Wednesday March 20 or Thursday March 21.

On Sunday March 24 there will be a normal weekly update, so make sure that you buy merchandise and have enough cash because the costs of cyclists and staff will be there, but there is no prize money to earn.

First race of season 23 will be on Tuesday March 26.

Here is a sneak preview of the new calendar:
We will start with the People's Choice Classic. An easy warm up of the season, A sprint race of 56 flat km.
After that, we have the second edition of the Tropicala Amisa Bongo, a three day tour. A TTT, a flat/hill race and a flat/mountain race.

Conclusion of the week brings us stage 1 and stage 2 of the new UAE Tour. A brand new 3 day tour with 3 new stages.
An allround sprint race and an allround race. Stage 3, on Tuesday week 2, will be a hill race.
We are racing on all continents except South America.

Some figures:
9 Sprint (2 of them already in week 1)
7 U21 1 day races
1 U21 3 day tour
1 2 day tour
9 3 day tours
1 5 day tour
2 big tours of 10 stages
1 big tour of 9 stages
10 brand new races

Total Km%
Flat 42%
Hill 19%
Mountain 13%
Downhill 26%

Flat 37
Hill 20
Mountain 18
Downhill 21

First attackpoints:
Flat 23
Hill 23
Mountain 17
Downhill 13

We wish you a lot of fun in the new season but first good luck in achieving your goals in season 22!

If you have questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to react in the topic on the forum:

Your Peloton Team

Todays stage (13 February 2019)

We had a problem with todays stage Senhora da Graça in some divisions.

We will try to find a solution but probably we will have to back up to sunday update.

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