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Race not simulated (22 December 2019)


since todays stage was not simulated we posteponed the week update for tomorrow and we will try to fix what is wrong.

Please check your team and see if some of your riders lose fitness due to todays stage if yes please report in forum.

Our appologies

Season 25 (12 November 2019)

Hi to all,

season update is made so new season is about to start.

Next tuesday we start the season 25.

Don't forget to check sponsor and riders contracts.

Hope you guys get a lot of fun.

Good luck

End of season 24 and Season 25 (8 November 2019)

Hi to all,

season 25 calendar is ready thanks to Tiagoiowa again. All new stages.

I will give some extra infos when I have some free time.

Sunday we will not have week update because we hope to do the season update tuersday night, so don't forget to renew contracts of riders that end in 1 week, don't forget to buy merchandise and to see if rider rode the number of stages made in the rider contract.

Good luck

Race problems (15 September 2019)

Hi to all,

seems that we have a problem with races, we are trying to find the problem ar work for a solution, meanwhile week update is disable.

If we found the problem during today the week update will be enable again.

Sorry for the problems

Future Generation Funrace Competition - Season 9 (5 September 2019)

Hi everyone!

It's time for a new season of the FGFC (Future Generation Funrace Competition). The perfect way to test your youngsters, to test the new engine and to have more races (= more fun). Like last season, I will organise the season. The links to previous seasons of the FGFC can be found here (1 to 5), here (6), here (7) and here (8).

How does it work?
The teams are divided into divisions. In every division, there are 2 stages per week (starting at 18 september and for 8 weeks in total). The stages are secured with a password, that you will receive after you confirm your participation, to ensure that teams only enter in the correct races. For all races, there is a maximum age (I will stick to the in-game definition, so U25 means that 25 is the maximum age).

For all divisions standings are made. The last 4 teams from division 1 will relegate, while the first 2 teams of division 2 promote. When one of the division 1 teams stops playing, less teams will relegate. The teams in division 2 are randomly divided over both division.

We will have races for U22 until U29, with two races per age category. It is up to everyone to decide whether you enter all races, or just a few of them. However, there are no points to loose, so in general it won't harm to join a race.

The total fitness use is set to a maximum of 410. This is the total sum of fitness points that you can use for all riders. For example, you can have your riders at 100 - 100 - 70 - 70 - 70 or 100 - 85 - 85 - 70 - 70. Also empty rider slots are included, so it is NOT possible to ride with only 4 riders with all of them at 100%.

I want to participate!
Great! Respond to this topic(forum), or send me a message (team Id 7856 OP KOP DE SLOOT IN) (either in-game or at the forum, but I read the latter one less often). I already divided the teams that participated last season over the divisions. Please confirm your participation.

Please note that everyone can join, so don't hesitate to do so!

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