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Change of funrace engine (6 November 2018)

Dear Managers,

As a lot of you noticed, we have been testing with the engine in the funraces.
Funraces are a separate unit which can run on another engine than the the normal calendar.

Schizm made some changes in the code which we think is an improvement to the game.
For instance a fatigue part is implemented. Which means, just like in real life, that when a cyclists rides solo for a long time, he is getting tired and this has influence on his pace.
There are a few more improvements.
Of course we will not implement this immediately in the normal calendar. We will announce that of course so everyone will have time to adapt. Next season will be run on the old engine everybody knows.

Of course this new engine needs more testing.
Therefore, as of now, funraces will be ridden with the new adjusted engine Schizm made.

We wish everybody a lot of fun and learning in the new engine!

Your Peloton team.

Testing the new (fun)race engine (UPDATE) (12 October 2018)

We are currently working on a enhanced version of the funrace engine. The purpose is to make choosing tactics less predictable. For next wednesday October 17 a first public Under 21 funrace was created for further testing. On Wednesday it will be raced with the old engine, on Thursday it will be resimulated with the (beta version of the) new engine. Feel free to join, good luck to everyone and hope you will enjoy the changes.

UPDATE : Second round of (guided) testing involves a flat classic on October 24/25. Password and instructions are available after a PM to Schizm.

The Peloton Team.

Timing season update. (28 July 2018)

We received some complaints about the miscommunication on the time of the seasonupdate. Our sincere apologies if we caught some by surprise. To make it up we restored all (non-retired) cyclists on a one week contract before the update and those on the transferlist during the update to their teams. Also the profit missed by having not enough merchandise in stock was calculated for every team seperately and added as a bonus income in their finances. Again we are sorry for the confusion and wish you the best of luck in the new season.

Season 21 generated (25 July 2018)

The calendar for season 21 was generated today so everyone has enough time to plan their races. This means there will be no update next sunday ! Good luck to everyone.

Season 21 (23 July 2018)

Hello managers,

season 20 finish this weekend and we are already preparing season 21 to start next week.

There will be an update during the week, so please buy merchandise and check if you have any riders with 1 week contract left, if yes please renew contrat or he will go free.

For more informations about the new calendar please visit the forum.

Good luck for season 21.

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