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Game Restored to May 29th Backup (19 June 2017)

Because of a number of problems caused by the server migration, everything was restored to the time the situation when the migration took place.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but this seemed the fairest solution.

New owner (19 May 2017)

Hi to all,

I have news about the game, right now the game has a new owner and things are been taking care to make the transaction to the new owner and new hosting space.

So the game will have a guture and we all can keep playing this amazing game.

This are good news.

More infos will be made.


Game Future (18 May 2017)

Hi to all,

we just got a bomb 1 hour ago. Ip spoke that he closed the hosting acount yesterday and just notice us today, so we don't know how many time we have to react to this situation.

Ip will giive us all the info/codes of the game, at least was what he told, so we are trying to find a solution for it.

Right now Arno is trying to get contact to IP about the hosting space but IP told that he don't know when the site will be shut down, so we are trying to prevent that.

We will try to give more information about it and we will fight to keep the game alive.

About premium, IP told that we will refound the managers that bought premium recently but we hope this will not be necessary if we can keep the game working.

We will inform of what will happening.

Transfer Engine problem (13 May 2017)

A problem with the transfer engine temporarily paused all completed transfers. This was fixed , our apologies for those who had to wait ...

Future Generation Funrace Competition (23 April 2017)

Hi Peloton managers,

this week will start the fun race competition, our 2nd season.If you would like to join please check the forum and add.

Fir the teams that entered season 1 please check the forum email because you have there instructions to join the league.

Thanks to Genomico for creating this competition.

Good luck to all

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