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Server problems - UPDATE - (22 September 2017)

As you all have noticed, we have some problems with our website.
Races do not run automatically, but funraces did. We cannot see what causes the problem because we can hardly enter the database.

We have reported the issue with the host. The host is working on the problem but it seems complicated and therefore they have forwarded it to their senior administrator.

As soon as the problem is solved, we will be noticed, but they cannot tell us when this will be.
We expect the race not to run at 13.00 pm. Of course we will try to access the database and run the race manually, but it is really hard to get access to it.
Yesterday El Gringo only managed to get in late in the evening.

This also means that we cannot solve other possible issues.

We are sorry for this inconvenience but we need to wait on the host, which is not in our hands.

Be aware that you need to set tactics at the latest at 12.45, that does unfortunately work, so after that time no changes can be made.

Hoping for your understanding.

The Peloton team

race 20/21 SET - UPDATED (20 September 2017)

WE are facing some problems with the server and we cannot get acess.

We are waiting that the host company of the server check what is happening.

Our apologies

Teams without sponsor (25 August 2017)

This is the actual list of teams playing without sponsor

Please go to finances and select a sponsor

id name
110 Mktteam
372 Zapardiel
791 WC Bloedzak
1233 sims7
1612 Bolt Thrower
10013 Lucero
10183 Hennerie
10578 WTC Platten Tuub
10627 MS Team
10636 ikmistomboonen
10669 StreetFighters
10721 Five Guys Racing Team
10727 Lombardia cycling team
10728 AdseyWheels
10729 Dawey Team
10730 AGZ team
10732 Gym
10733 Schalkse Ruiters
10734 AGH Agrykola Kraków
10737 Team BMC-Highroad
10738 WC Misa II

Funrace competition season 3 (25 August 2017)

Season 3 of the Future Generation Funrace Competition is about to start!

16 races are spread over 8 weeks. So every week there will be 2 races. Non-Premium members can only participate in 1 race each week. The first race will be on August 30th.

3 teams will relegate and 4 will promote at the end of the season.

If you like to join the competition:go to forum and just reply in the topic FGFC Season3 and write your team name. You'll then be placed in Division 2 and a password for the funraces will be given. It's not mandatory to participate in all races. It's also ok if you just sign up for a few races.

Password will be given in forum.

A big thanks to Genomico for greating this event.

Game improvements during the season update (6 August 2017)

Dear managers,

The season update is completed!
As you all know, we took over the game.That costed us some time to get to know the code.
We still cannot make significant changes to the code yet, but we can make some adjustments.
The adjustments we made during this seasonupdate are:

*Increase weekly sponsor money
*Skill boundaries between 0 and 20 will be respected
*Maximum Age for under 21 races is now 21, Maximum Age for (White)Youngster Jerseys is now 25 (we cannot create an extra category yet because that means a significant change to the code which we can not do yet, but we can change existing categories)
*(White)Youngster jersey 1-5 will receive money (same as mountain) and generate extra supporters
*Cyclist aged 21 and under can no longer create disappointed supporters when they have bad results (this should fix a bug)
*Skillincrease for leaders above 35 is no longer possible (so leadership will decrease like other skills do)
*Retirement chance in the season update 36:1/18, 37:2/18, 38:4/18, 39:8/18, 40:16/18
* Balance/steering for the youthscout find adjusted in way that there will be a bigger chance for the middle numbers (a 10 - trainer will generate more cyclist with 4-6 then 0-2 or 8-10)
*Pricemoney payed for TTT is now multiplied by 5
*Wage of youthscout decreased

We would like to mention that this is the first time we made these changes. Schizm had to find his own way to the code and did a perfect job of doing that. Nevertheless it is the first time so we cannot guarantee that everything goes perfectly as planned.
If you run into things that are not according to the points as mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We now had the time to learn more about the game.
You can expect more announcements shortly with our plans and what you as managers can do for you.

We are going to make this game grow but therefor we need your help!

For now we wish you a lot of fun with the new season and the new calender. Please let us know your experiences with the changes and also mention new ideas!

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