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Mount Fuji stage changed. (6 January 2018)

The Mount Fuji stage in next week's Tour of Japan will have a extra attack point, because the original setup (1 attack point at km 0) is not supported in the code.

Happy new year! (1 January 2018)

We would like to wish all managers a very happy, prosperous, succesful and, above all, a healthy 2018 for yourself and your family.
And we also wish you a lot of victories and jerseys in the game :)

Team Peloton.

Game changes, update news : (12 December 2017)

Before the last weekupdate some (small) changes were implemented to the engine and the website :

- It has come to our attention that retired cyclists who where on the transferlist during the season update (re)joined their teams on the transferdeadline. This will no longer be possible and cyclists who choose to retire will now be "injured" for a long time to avoid further possible loopholes.
- A user brought to my attention that there was a trick to get more then 10 investments, this exploit has also been fixed.
- Races from next year appearing na longer appear on the calendar at the start of the season.
- Chances on retirement where increased to x/16 instead of x/18 (x being 1-16 depending on age being 36 to 40)
- Cyclists who train fitness have a higher chance on injuries
- Cyclists decrease in a random skill when trained fitness

The effects of fitness training have been implemented already but 100 times weaker as was intented, after the update of January 21 we will change that to 10 times and by February 21 this change will be in full effect. This will give people some time to adjust their tactics to the new situation.

The Peloton Team.

Teams without sponsor (4 December 2017)

If your name is in the list you don't have sponsor.

Please chech finances and make a new deal

104 PAN
110 Mktteam
113 CC Les Loges
118 bbwarriors
145 The Mothers of Invention
460 heroes
482 ChosenOnes
737 Ngogo United
1233 sims7
1978 CSC Cycling
6697 Antares
7856 Op kop de sloot in
7927 St-Etienne cyclo team
8545 real del tg. jiu
9394 En Danseuse
9640 Stars War
9776 Gonzalez
9904 Joanteam
9947 Schwalbewald
10063 Platten tuub
10394 Trapani As
10513 Scunthorpe United
10528 Quebra-Ossos
10564 Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team
10752 IAM Bardet
10753 leman
10767 Camposanto
10769 Lanzaboys
10785 TF1 Pro Team
10786 Raddraaiers
10811 FaghezCyclingTeam
10848 Breckjensen
10850 Shardana Pro Team
10854 cheekychaps
10861 arkanoid
10862 Krajenka PRO
10863 InterCasto
10864 Cycling Tempo
10865 No team
10866 Pouvertjes
10867 Jongzorg
10868 Aggro Cycling Club
10869 AZUL Specialized Kraków
10870 dobbertje
10871 TopBanana Veldrijden
10873 All stars
10874 Mytilus
10876 Pfeil Schwabing
10877 Das Kapital
10878 Deep Purple Economy
10879 Team864
10880 PEmaster
10881 Lucci Gucci Company
10882 De rappe trappers
10883 TheJatt
10884 ride to the top
10885 Speed Of Light
10886 De snelle jelle's
10887 Not fast but furious
10888 velo_bristol
10889 Skymounter

Season 19 started (update is finished) (3 December 2017)

Everything is ready for season 19 to start. Racing will resume on tuesday december 5th.

The best of luck to all of you.

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