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Server transfer (9 May 2021)

Dear managers,

The Peloton game will be stopped during this week this way we will transfer the server to the new one.
All tasks were postponed 1 week, and we have made a back up at 21.15h(game time). So nothing that you do now will be right next sunday so don't do nothing more after the time of the update.

We will try to do it all during this week so next Sunday we restore today's back up at 21h and we can keep playing the current calendar.

The current server will be out day 15th.

You can keep the updating here in forum

Thanks for playing Peloton

Server change (6 May 2021)

Dear managers,

We are going to transfer the game to another server to make sure that we can continue the game and give better performance in the future.
But this is a lot of work and it takes time.

Therefore we decided to shut down the game for a week until the transfer is done.

After this sunday's update, May 9. the game will be paused for a week an will continue on sunday May 16 where we start on the situation where we paused.
Please don't put riders on the transferlist after tonight, Thursday May 6, 20.00 hours.

For possible messages keep follow the Peloton Forum.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Peloton Team.

Mood changes (24 April 2021)

We are working and try to make the game equal to all, so we are trying to do something related to mood.

I can say that for next season, every season update the mood will be reset for all riders and we are also working to reduce mood effect in races.

Thanks for playing Peloton

Todays stage problem 21/04/2021 (21 April 2021)

Seems that todays stage didn't run.

The host server is offline so I cannot enter to fix.

When the server become online I will simulate manually todays stage.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Future of the Game/crowdfunding (21 March 2021)

Future of the game

Dear managers,

I am writting this because we need your help. The game has a big cost/year and Arno supported the game for this last years but right now he isn't in condition to do that.

So we need to make a crowdfunding to keep the game alive.

Arno already asked for some help some time ago but till now only 3 managers helped donating some money, [b]Tiagoiowa(100€)[/b], [b]Rarau(15€)[/b] and [b]myself(15€)[/b]. I was expecting more from dedicated managers that are with us for years.

We aren't many managers but if managers help with 5€/10€/15€ would be great for game surviving.

If you want to help here is the info for transfer:

Account holder address:Het Eiland 13 5346KE Oss, Netherlands
IBAN:NL36 ABNA 0523 1782 39

So in May the game will end without your help, so is up to managers to decide if the game continues alive.

I am dissapointed because since Dave(IP) wasn't taking care the game, I get his trust to have acess and learn how to fix bugs and also ask Franks help since he loves the game to. We sacrifice time, our fun in the game and our competitive to give that fun to you guys, you could enjoy the game for years, so is just a small amont that we ask.

Like I said earlier I am trying to make an app for the game and ask yesterday Nico(Nikeboy) to help in the code, fixing bugs and improve.

I am still fighting to keep the game alive, are you too?

Problem solve (10 March 2021)

We are glad to inform that todays bug was fixed and races were simulated.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Todays stage problem (10 March 2021)

Todyas stage didn't run normally.

We are investigating whats happens and we will solve the problem and resimulate the race manually.

We will not set a time but we will try to fix everything till night.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Season 29 (28 February 2021)

Hi to all,
We are glad to inform you that Season 29 is ready.
The season will start 9th March.
Next sunday there will be a week update, don't forget to renew the sponsor if finish, renew contracts and buy merchandise.
We also made some adjustments to DIv 4 and Div 5.
Div 4 have again 4 sub divisions and only 2 teams promote and 2 teams relegate.
In div 5 there are 8 sub divisions and only 1 team promote.
We also help some teams with financial problems.

Hope you enjoy the new season and good luck.

Season update (26 February 2021)

Season update will take place sunday night.

1st stage of season 29 will be day 9 of March

Good luck for new season ;)

End of season and Season update (24 February 2021)

Hi to all manager,

Sunday there isn't the weekly update. We will make week/season update at same time.

I am still waiting for a response from Schizm to see what day we will do it.

We will also again adjust division 4 and maybe the promotion/relegation spots.

Thanks for playing Peloton and good luck for the new season.

Xmas (23 December 2020)

Dear All,

I have received two extra donations and I appreciate this extremely. This is a good start!
Although we are not a large community, we are a community dedicated to the game. I appreciate you all as managers and keep posting your ideas and opinions.

I want to wish everybody a blessed Christmas. Really hope you all enjoy some precious time with your loved ones, enjoy good food and of course the Tour of the Alps and the start of the Giro d'Italia here on Peloton.
Furthermore I wish you all a very happy, succesful, joyful but above all a healthy 2021!

Stay safe.

Season 28 ready (3 November 2020)

Season 28 is ready to go.

Have fun and good luck for new season.

Season Update (3 November 2020)

Season update will be tonight.

Site will be down at that time.

End of Season 27 and Season update (30 October 2020)


we are preparing to make tentry to the new season so sunday there isn't any week update.

Since there is lack of time from both of us next week is an offseason week. We will do the season update (still no day decided) so don't forget to buy merchandise and renew contracts.

Season 28 will start 10 November.

Todays stage (23 August 2020)

Hi there,

we have some problems with the DB that we are trying to solve.

We will try to solve it and simulate stage.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Day 1 season 27 (6 July 2020)


the 1st stage will be day 14 July and not 7 July like it is. We will fix this at night.

We will also check stages and see if things are all correct.

Sorry for the mistake.

Season 27 (5 July 2020)

Hi Peloton managers,

update is done and now we are ready for another season.

This is the rest week but you can always check contracts, buy merchandise, set sponsor contract and give a look in the transfer list for cheap riders.

We made some updates in div 4 and 5 for this new season, lets hope this will make it more competitive.

1st stage of the season 27 will be day 7 July, don't forget to set your team.

For any doubts please check the forum, there is always people to help.

Good luck

Season end and start of the new season (26 June 2020)

Dear manager,

Season 26 is running to its end.
I hope you all enjoyed this exciting season.
Sunday the 5th of July is the last race of the season.
That night we will have a weekly and seasonal update following by a week without Peloton. This gives us the possibility to make some corrections, upload the new calendar and do some maintenance.

Season 27 will start on Tuesday July 14.

For a peek about the new calandar check our forum.

enjoy the last week of season 26

Team Peloton

Training speed of riders Poll (28 April 2020)


We are debating the future of the training in Peloton and everyone is free to go there and ask questions or give sugestions.

So please vitis the forum and give your vote

New Moderator (14 April 2020)

Peloton Managers,

we have a new moderator in game that will help us checking possible cheaters and other things.

A big thanks to Naspa for helping us with the game.

Changes in age distribution new cyclists (13 April 2020)

From now on new teams only get 18 and 19 year old cyclists on their roster, 19 year olds will also have a larger skillpool then their younger colleagues (meaning they will have a higher total skill).
Cyclists from youthscout will also gain the same extra skillpoints when aged 19.

P.S. : if there is someone else who fired their youthscout since the start of this month, please inform one of the admins if you want him reinstated !

Season 26 (16 March 2020)

Hi Peloton Managers,

Season 26 will start tomorrow, we will have a fantastic and competitive season.

Don't forget to set your team till 11.45 A.M. The stage will take place at 12h.

For new teams if you need some advice please check the forum

you will find that experienced managers will help you starting.

You can also find in game someone from your country and ask advices or propose as a tutor to help you in the beginning.

Good luck

Season 26 is online ! (11 March 2020)

The divisions and calendar for season 26 are now online. First update will be this sunday (March 15th), do not forget to buy merchandise and chack your sponsorship deal. The first race is planned next tuesday.

We wish everyone the best of luck !

The Peloton Team.

End of season and Season 26 (5 March 2020)


next sunday we will not have week update since we are going to make the season update next week.

So don't forget to check contracts of riders and buy merchandise for next wednesday.

A big thanks to Bam for making the new calendar.

Good luck for next season.

Race not simulated (22 December 2019)


since todays stage was not simulated we posteponed the week update for tomorrow and we will try to fix what is wrong.

Please check your team and see if some of your riders lose fitness due to todays stage if yes please report in forum.

Our appologies

Season 25 (12 November 2019)

Hi to all,

season update is made so new season is about to start.

Next tuesday we start the season 25.

Don't forget to check sponsor and riders contracts.

Hope you guys get a lot of fun.

Good luck

End of season 24 and Season 25 (8 November 2019)

Hi to all,

season 25 calendar is ready thanks to Tiagoiowa again. All new stages.

I will give some extra infos when I have some free time.

Sunday we will not have week update because we hope to do the season update tuersday night, so don't forget to renew contracts of riders that end in 1 week, don't forget to buy merchandise and to see if rider rode the number of stages made in the rider contract.

Good luck

Race problems (15 September 2019)

Hi to all,

seems that we have a problem with races, we are trying to find the problem ar work for a solution, meanwhile week update is disable.

If we found the problem during today the week update will be enable again.

Sorry for the problems

Future Generation Funrace Competition - Season 9 (5 September 2019)

Hi everyone!

It's time for a new season of the FGFC (Future Generation Funrace Competition). The perfect way to test your youngsters, to test the new engine and to have more races (= more fun). Like last season, I will organise the season. The links to previous seasons of the FGFC can be found here (1 to 5), here (6), here (7) and here (8).

How does it work?
The teams are divided into divisions. In every division, there are 2 stages per week (starting at 18 september and for 8 weeks in total). The stages are secured with a password, that you will receive after you confirm your participation, to ensure that teams only enter in the correct races. For all races, there is a maximum age (I will stick to the in-game definition, so U25 means that 25 is the maximum age).

For all divisions standings are made. The last 4 teams from division 1 will relegate, while the first 2 teams of division 2 promote. When one of the division 1 teams stops playing, less teams will relegate. The teams in division 2 are randomly divided over both division.

We will have races for U22 until U29, with two races per age category. It is up to everyone to decide whether you enter all races, or just a few of them. However, there are no points to loose, so in general it won't harm to join a race.

The total fitness use is set to a maximum of 410. This is the total sum of fitness points that you can use for all riders. For example, you can have your riders at 100 - 100 - 70 - 70 - 70 or 100 - 85 - 85 - 70 - 70. Also empty rider slots are included, so it is NOT possible to ride with only 4 riders with all of them at 100%.

I want to participate!
Great! Respond to this topic(forum), or send me a message (team Id 7856 OP KOP DE SLOOT IN) (either in-game or at the forum, but I read the latter one less often). I already divided the teams that participated last season over the divisions. Please confirm your participation.

Please note that everyone can join, so don't hesitate to do so!

Season 24 is here (17 July 2019)

The divisions and calendar for season 24 are now online. First update will be this sunday 21th so don’t forget to buy merchandise. First race is on tuesday July 23th.
We wish everyone the best of luck !

The Peloton Team.

Season update and New season 24 (14 July 2019)

Hi Peloton managers,

Season 23 ended today.

The season update will be wednesday so don't forget to buy merchandise and check riders contracts.

During the update teams will be promoted and relegated acording to the classification. After that we will set the new calendar for new season start in the week after, in principle day 23/07

The site will be down during the season update this way is easier for us to work out.

Good luck for season 24, more infos will be in forum about new season.

Season 24 (update sunday postponed) (14 July 2019)

There will be no update today (sunday), the week- and seasonupdate will be on one of the coming evenings.

Future Generation Funrace Competition - Season 8 (12 May 2019)

Hi everyone!

It's time for a new season of the FGFC (Future Generation Funrace Competition). The perfect way to test your youngsters, to test the new engine and to have more races (= more fun). I will take over the organisation from pollyjean , who did a great job last seasons but didn't have time now. The links to previous seasons of the FGFC can be found here (1 to 5), here (6) and here (7).

How does it work?
The teams are divided into divisions. In every division, there are 2 stages per week (starting at 22 may and for 8 weeks in total). The stages are secured with a password, that you will receive after you confirm your participation, to ensure that teams only enter in the correct races. For all races, there is a maximum age (I will stick to the in-game definition, so U25 means that 25 is the maximum age).

For all divisions standings are made. The last 4 teams from division 1 will relegate, while the first 2 teams of division 2 promote. When one of the division 1 teams stops playing, less teams will relegate. The teams in division 2 are randomly divided over both division.

Changes compared to last season
I will change a few things compared to last season. First of all, we will have races for U22 until U29, with two races per age category. Secondly, I will set the total fitness use to a maximum of 410. This is the total sum of fitness points that you can use for all riders. For example, you can have your riders at 100 - 100 - 70 - 70 - 70 or 100 - 85 - 85 - 70 - 70. Also empty rider slots are included, so it is NOT possible to ride with only 4 riders with all of them at 100%.

Points per race
I will use the points per race as used by Genomico , the founder of this competition.

I want to participate!
Great! Respond to this topic in forum, or send me a message (either in-game or at the forum, but I read the latter one less often). I already divided the teams that participated last season over the divisions. Please confirm your participation.

Credits to OP KOP DE SLOOT IN team Id-7856 - Div 1

Season 23 generated (19 March 2019)

First update will be this sunday 21th so don’t forget to buy merchandise. First race is on tuesday July 23th.
We wish everyone the best of luck !

The Peloton Team.

Season 23 (Update) (17 March 2019)

We reviewed the previous announcement an decided there will be no update today (sunday), the week- and seasonupdate will be on tuesday in the evening (also later then the usual update, we expect it to start around 21:30 CET).

Season 23 (12 March 2019)

Dear managers,

Season 22 is running to it's end and that means that season 23 will be next.
This Sunday, March 17 will be a normal weekly update.
The season update will be either on Monday March 18 or Tuesday March 19.

For the new season we will still use the old engine BUT we will implement something new.
The influence of mood will be reduced drastically and the form of the cyclist will be more important. This will be a new interesting element to the game and for every manager something new to discover and find out.
When this is implemented, the new calendar will be uploaded.
Expectation is that this will be done on Wednesday March 20 or Thursday March 21.

On Sunday March 24 there will be a normal weekly update, so make sure that you buy merchandise and have enough cash because the costs of cyclists and staff will be there, but there is no prize money to earn.

First race of season 23 will be on Tuesday March 26.

Here is a sneak preview of the new calendar:
We will start with the People's Choice Classic. An easy warm up of the season, A sprint race of 56 flat km.
After that, we have the second edition of the Tropicala Amisa Bongo, a three day tour. A TTT, a flat/hill race and a flat/mountain race.

Conclusion of the week brings us stage 1 and stage 2 of the new UAE Tour. A brand new 3 day tour with 3 new stages.
An allround sprint race and an allround race. Stage 3, on Tuesday week 2, will be a hill race.
We are racing on all continents except South America.

Some figures:
9 Sprint (2 of them already in week 1)
7 U21 1 day races
1 U21 3 day tour
1 2 day tour
9 3 day tours
1 5 day tour
2 big tours of 10 stages
1 big tour of 9 stages
10 brand new races

Total Km%
Flat 42%
Hill 19%
Mountain 13%
Downhill 26%

Flat 37
Hill 20
Mountain 18
Downhill 21

First attackpoints:
Flat 23
Hill 23
Mountain 17
Downhill 13

We wish you a lot of fun in the new season but first good luck in achieving your goals in season 22!

If you have questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to react in the topic on the forum:

Your Peloton Team

Todays stage (13 February 2019)

We had a problem with todays stage Senhora da Graça in some divisions.

We will try to find a solution but probably we will have to back up to sunday update.

Season 22 generated (20 November 2018)

First update will be this sunday 25th so don’t forget to buy merchandise. First race is on tuesday 27th of November.
The best of luck to everyone!

New Training Formula (20 November 2018)

Dear Managers,

Your Peloton team is always working on improvements of the game.
On the forum there was a discussion about a new, faster, training formula for young riders so they will be competitive sooner.
This is a very complicated topic in which we invite you to join the discussion.

You can find the discussion here.


Your Peloton team

Season Update scheduled on November 20 (19 November 2018)

The season update is planned for Tuesday evening (20 Nov. 2018). The site might be unavailable from 20h00 CET onwards. We try to do the update in the shortest possible timeframe, there for it is IMPORTANT for all non staff members TO STAY OUT of the game until we finish our work ! Transfers ending during the "downtime" will be postponed by 1 or 2 hours.
There willl be a new announcement once the game is ready for season 22 and everybody can enter again.

Season Update and Season 22 (18 November 2018)

Hi to all,

season 21 is near the end, tomorrow will be the last stage of this fantastic season.

During this week we will make the season update (so no update on sunday) and after that the season 22 is on to start. 1st stage of season 22 will be day 27 of November.

This is going to be the last season with the current engine, for season 23 we will change the race engine, so everyone feel free to test the new engine in the funraces every week to adapt to the new engine. Further information about the new engine will be given.

Thanks for supporting the game and to help us to make the game even better.

Change of funrace engine [UPDATE] (6 November 2018)

Dear Managers,

As a lot of you noticed, we have been testing with the engine in the funraces.
Funraces are a separate unit which can run on another engine than the the normal calendar.

Schizm made some changes in the code which we think is an improvement to the game.
For instance a fatigue part is implemented. Which means, just like in real life, that when a cyclists rides solo for a long time, he is getting tired and this has influence on his pace.
There are a few more improvements.
Of course we will not implement this immediately in the normal calendar. We will announce that of course so everyone will have time to adapt. Next season will be run on the old engine everybody knows.

Of course this new engine needs more testing.
Therefore, as of now, funraces will be ridden with the new adjusted engine Schizm made.

We wish everybody a lot of fun and learning in the new engine! UPDATE : For Season 22 Only non-premium members can also enter up to 5 funraces !

Your Peloton team.

Testing the new (fun)race engine (UPDATE) (12 October 2018)

We are currently working on a enhanced version of the funrace engine. The purpose is to make choosing tactics less predictable. For next wednesday October 17 a first public Under 21 funrace was created for further testing. On Wednesday it will be raced with the old engine, on Thursday it will be resimulated with the (beta version of the) new engine. Feel free to join, good luck to everyone and hope you will enjoy the changes.

UPDATE : Second round of (guided) testing involves a flat classic on October 24/25. Password and instructions are available after a PM to Schizm.

The Peloton Team.

Timing season update. (28 July 2018)

We received some complaints about the miscommunication on the time of the seasonupdate. Our sincere apologies if we caught some by surprise. To make it up we restored all (non-retired) cyclists on a one week contract before the update and those on the transferlist during the update to their teams. Also the profit missed by having not enough merchandise in stock was calculated for every team seperately and added as a bonus income in their finances. Again we are sorry for the confusion and wish you the best of luck in the new season.

Season 21 generated (25 July 2018)

The calendar for season 21 was generated today so everyone has enough time to plan their races. This means there will be no update next sunday ! Good luck to everyone.

Season 21 (23 July 2018)

Hello managers,

season 20 finish this weekend and we are already preparing season 21 to start next week.

There will be an update during the week, so please buy merchandise and check if you have any riders with 1 week contract left, if yes please renew contrat or he will go free.

For more informations about the new calendar please visit the forum.

Good luck for season 21.

Teams without sponsor (9 April 2018)

There are still 33 teams without sponsor.

Please check finances and then sponsor to add a new one.

id name user_id country
110 Mktteam 121 France
113 CC Les Loges 122 France
236 INAKE 268 Belgium
564 TGV 599 Portugal
679 Cyclist Devils 719 France
8081 KS Crusaders 8491 Poland
9563 SILVER BACK 10277 Belgium
9947 Schwalbewald 10811 Germany
10855 Team Cobram 12109 Italy
10927 LKS AKIBAHARA 12214 Poland
10948 Knights 12238 United States
10959 Polanie 12245 Poland
10960 MMatt 12257 Italy
10961 Cafè Mirò Team 12260 Italy
10962 LordJudaS 12254 Netherlands
10965 SpeedyTortoise 12264 Canada
10966 Monumentenjagers 12265 Belgium
10967 TheRemon96 12258 Netherlands
10968 DestroTeam 12267 Kazakhstan
10970 Qadisiyah 12269 Denmark
10973 BLUEBAIRNS 12270 United Kingdom
10974 G.S Michele Fiore 12271 Italy
10975 Rose 12273 Switzerland
10976 Bulldog Cycling 12274 United Kingdom
10977 Team OCB 12276 France
10979 S!Team 12277 Poland
10980 Joshesito 12278 Venezuela
10981 Johnsons 7683 United Kingdom
10983 JJLIT 11716 Australia
10984 danilith biking 11629 Belgium
10985 CK Nitra 11591 Slovakia
10987 Interpol Cycling Team 11407 Portugal
11000 MR Ciclismo 12290 Italy

Calendar in Division 3 corrected (27 March 2018)

It came to our attention that the calendar of division 3 was not renewed. We fixed that but this means any subscription to races made in this divsion is lost. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Season Update and Calendar for Season 20 (26 March 2018)

Hi Peloton Managers,

we close the site to make all updates for us to have a fantastic season.

Teams are in divisions and the calendar is on to a great season.

Don't forget to check riders contracts, sponsors and merchandise.

Good luck to all

The Peloton Team

Season 20 (21 March 2018)

Dear managers,

Season 19 is running to its end and we are already busy with the preparation for season 20.
the calendar has been made by Slayer772004 and is ready.

Keep in mind the following dates:

There will be NO weekly update this Sunday, March 25.
Instead there will be a combined weekly and season update on Monday March 26. After that we will try to upload the new calendar.
Then we have our traditional week of rest to spend time with our families ;-)

On Sunday April 1 we will have a normal weekly update. This means that we start with an expensive week. No race money but you do have the costs of the wages for riders and staff. So don't forget to buy merchandise!!
We do this so we don't lose another week of training your cyclists.

On Tuesday April 3, season 20 is starting with the first race.

The reason we do this is that we want to give new managers a week to start a team and plan for the first races.
We will approach a lot of old managers if they are interested in start playing again.

You can help us too!

Advertise the game to your friends, to chatgroups you are in, on other websites you play games, facebook or whatever you can think of.
Starting up in the beginning of the season is the best start you can have as a new team.
The more managers we have, the best it is for the game.
We are trying to find as much new players as we can.

Will you help us?

Good luck in the last races of S19 and have fun in the new season.

Team Peloton

Mount Fuji stage changed. (6 January 2018)

The Mount Fuji stage in next week's Tour of Japan will have a extra attack point, because the original setup (1 attack point at km 0) is not supported in the code.

Happy new year! (1 January 2018)

We would like to wish all managers a very happy, prosperous, succesful and, above all, a healthy 2018 for yourself and your family.
And we also wish you a lot of victories and jerseys in the game :)

Team Peloton.

Game changes, update news : (12 December 2017)

Before the last weekupdate some (small) changes were implemented to the engine and the website :

- It has come to our attention that retired cyclists who where on the transferlist during the season update (re)joined their teams on the transferdeadline. This will no longer be possible and cyclists who choose to retire will now be "injured" for a long time to avoid further possible loopholes.
- A user brought to my attention that there was a trick to get more then 10 investments, this exploit has also been fixed.
- Races from next year appearing na longer appear on the calendar at the start of the season.
- Chances on retirement where increased to x/16 instead of x/18 (x being 1-16 depending on age being 36 to 40)
- Cyclists who train fitness have a higher chance on injuries
- Cyclists decrease in a random skill when trained fitness

The effects of fitness training have been implemented already but 100 times weaker as was intented, after the update of January 21 we will change that to 10 times and by February 21 this change will be in full effect. This will give people some time to adjust their tactics to the new situation.

The Peloton Team.

Teams without sponsor (4 December 2017)

If your name is in the list you don't have sponsor.

Please chech finances and make a new deal

104 PAN
110 Mktteam
113 CC Les Loges
118 bbwarriors
145 The Mothers of Invention
460 heroes
482 ChosenOnes
737 Ngogo United
1233 sims7
1978 CSC Cycling
6697 Antares
7856 Op kop de sloot in
7927 St-Etienne cyclo team
8545 real del tg. jiu
9394 En Danseuse
9640 Stars War
9776 Gonzalez
9904 Joanteam
9947 Schwalbewald
10063 Platten tuub
10394 Trapani As
10513 Scunthorpe United
10528 Quebra-Ossos
10564 Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team
10752 IAM Bardet
10753 leman
10767 Camposanto
10769 Lanzaboys
10785 TF1 Pro Team
10786 Raddraaiers
10811 FaghezCyclingTeam
10848 Breckjensen
10850 Shardana Pro Team
10854 cheekychaps
10861 arkanoid
10862 Krajenka PRO
10863 InterCasto
10864 Cycling Tempo
10865 No team
10866 Pouvertjes
10867 Jongzorg
10868 Aggro Cycling Club
10869 AZUL Specialized Kraków
10870 dobbertje
10871 TopBanana Veldrijden
10873 All stars
10874 Mytilus
10876 Pfeil Schwabing
10877 Das Kapital
10878 Deep Purple Economy
10879 Team864
10880 PEmaster
10881 Lucci Gucci Company
10882 De rappe trappers
10883 TheJatt
10884 ride to the top
10885 Speed Of Light
10886 De snelle jelle's
10887 Not fast but furious
10888 velo_bristol
10889 Skymounter

Season 19 started (update is finished) (3 December 2017)

Everything is ready for season 19 to start. Racing will resume on tuesday december 5th.

The best of luck to all of you.

Season update & start new season (28 November 2017)

Dear managers,

An exciting season ended!
As always there is one week rest so we can spend finally some time on our wives and kids :)

This sunday we'll have the season update (don't forget to buy merchandise!).
The calender is already finished and available on the forum.
Op Kop de sloot in, made the calander with lot's of new races!

Many thanks to him.
The calender cannot be uploaded until the new divisions are filled, which happens right after the season update.
So, at the earliest on sunday evening.
First race starts on tuesday, december the 5th!

We wish you are very nice week off, use it to make strategy!

Have fun during with a new, challenging season.

What can you do for the game (10 October 2017)

Dear Managers,

The game is running for a while on the new server, Schizm is getting to know the code better and better and we are thinking about some improvements, which we will post here in front, instead of implementing in the new season without mentioning.

Now it is time to ask for your help. To quote a famous US president: ask not what Peloton can do for you, ask what you can do for Peloton.

Well, there are some things we need help with.
1. Advertising. Obviously we need more managers. Advertise the game. On local game sites, cycling sites, twitter etc. If you know managers who quitted the game, contact them, ask if they are interested in starting up again. We also have a Facebook account and need someone to maintain this site. If you are interested in maintaining our Facebook account, please send an in game message to El Gringo, manager of ‘Melres United’.

2. Financially. The server is costing a lot of money. This game is a free game, and will stay a free game, but support by premium is highly appreciated. We are still investigating some extra’s for premium members. This will never be an advantage for premium players, but always be more extra features or things that can save you some time. If you decided to become a premium member, there are two ways of paying. PayPal and money transfer by bank. If you pay through PayPal, I will get an e-mail and then I’ll upgrade your premium immediately after reading. If you pay through bank transfer, I won’t be noticed, so please make sure you are sending an in game message to me, manager of De ‘Kasseienstoempers’.

3. Calendar of the new season. Is there anybody who is willing to make the calendar for the new season. Us three has done this several times now and we are doing it on our own way. Maybe it is good to have a fresh insight of someone new. It is possible to create new races. El Gringo has the tools for that. If you are interested, you like computers and you have some spare time (it will definitely cost you enough hours), please go to the Forum and participate in the thread ‘Calendar season 19’ in the General Discussion section.

We are here for you, but we hope you will help us helping you.

Your Peloton Team: El Gringo, Schizm, Ab Normaal.

Server problems - UPDATE - (22 September 2017)

As you all have noticed, we have some problems with our website.
Races do not run automatically, but funraces did. We cannot see what causes the problem because we can hardly enter the database.

We have reported the issue with the host. The host is working on the problem but it seems complicated and therefore they have forwarded it to their senior administrator.

As soon as the problem is solved, we will be noticed, but they cannot tell us when this will be.
We expect the race not to run at 13.00 pm. Of course we will try to access the database and run the race manually, but it is really hard to get access to it.
Yesterday El Gringo only managed to get in late in the evening.

This also means that we cannot solve other possible issues.

We are sorry for this inconvenience but we need to wait on the host, which is not in our hands.

Be aware that you need to set tactics at the latest at 12.45, that does unfortunately work, so after that time no changes can be made.

Hoping for your understanding.

The Peloton team

race 20/21 SET - UPDATED (20 September 2017)

WE are facing some problems with the server and we cannot get acess.

We are waiting that the host company of the server check what is happening.

Our apologies

Teams without sponsor (25 August 2017)

This is the actual list of teams playing without sponsor

Please go to finances and select a sponsor

id name
110 Mktteam
372 Zapardiel
791 WC Bloedzak
1233 sims7
1612 Bolt Thrower
10013 Lucero
10183 Hennerie
10578 WTC Platten Tuub
10627 MS Team
10636 ikmistomboonen
10669 StreetFighters
10721 Five Guys Racing Team
10727 Lombardia cycling team
10728 AdseyWheels
10729 Dawey Team
10730 AGZ team
10732 Gym
10733 Schalkse Ruiters
10734 AGH Agrykola Kraków
10737 Team BMC-Highroad
10738 WC Misa II

Funrace competition season 3 (25 August 2017)

Season 3 of the Future Generation Funrace Competition is about to start!

16 races are spread over 8 weeks. So every week there will be 2 races. Non-Premium members can only participate in 1 race each week. The first race will be on August 30th.

3 teams will relegate and 4 will promote at the end of the season.

If you like to join the competition:go to forum and just reply in the topic FGFC Season3 and write your team name. You'll then be placed in Division 2 and a password for the funraces will be given. It's not mandatory to participate in all races. It's also ok if you just sign up for a few races.

Password will be given in forum.

A big thanks to Genomico for greating this event.

Game improvements during the season update (6 August 2017)

Dear managers,

The season update is completed!
As you all know, we took over the game.That costed us some time to get to know the code.
We still cannot make significant changes to the code yet, but we can make some adjustments.
The adjustments we made during this seasonupdate are:

*Increase weekly sponsor money
*Skill boundaries between 0 and 20 will be respected
*Maximum Age for under 21 races is now 21, Maximum Age for (White)Youngster Jerseys is now 25 (we cannot create an extra category yet because that means a significant change to the code which we can not do yet, but we can change existing categories)
*(White)Youngster jersey 1-5 will receive money (same as mountain) and generate extra supporters
*Cyclist aged 21 and under can no longer create disappointed supporters when they have bad results (this should fix a bug)
*Skillincrease for leaders above 35 is no longer possible (so leadership will decrease like other skills do)
*Retirement chance in the season update 36:1/18, 37:2/18, 38:4/18, 39:8/18, 40:16/18
* Balance/steering for the youthscout find adjusted in way that there will be a bigger chance for the middle numbers (a 10 - trainer will generate more cyclist with 4-6 then 0-2 or 8-10)
*Pricemoney payed for TTT is now multiplied by 5
*Wage of youthscout decreased

We would like to mention that this is the first time we made these changes. Schizm had to find his own way to the code and did a perfect job of doing that. Nevertheless it is the first time so we cannot guarantee that everything goes perfectly as planned.
If you run into things that are not according to the points as mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We now had the time to learn more about the game.
You can expect more announcements shortly with our plans and what you as managers can do for you.

We are going to make this game grow but therefor we need your help!

For now we wish you a lot of fun with the new season and the new calender. Please let us know your experiences with the changes and also mention new ideas!

Season 18 update Finished (6 August 2017)

The update is finished now, some important changes were done during the two weeks off , more info will lfollow soon

Calendar season 18 (3 August 2017)

Hi to all,

the calendar for season 18 is already available in forum.

Please check forum

No update today (July 30) (30 July 2017)

There will be no update today, because we need to finish some thing before the start of the new season. Seasonupdate will be on August 6, First race of the new season on the 8th.

Game Restored to May 29th Backup (19 June 2017)

Because of a number of problems caused by the server migration, everything was restored to the time the situation when the migration took place.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but this seemed the fairest solution.

New owner (19 May 2017)

Hi to all,

I have news about the game, right now the game has a new owner and things are been taking care to make the transaction to the new owner and new hosting space.

So the game will have a guture and we all can keep playing this amazing game.

This are good news.

More infos will be made.


Game Future (18 May 2017)

Hi to all,

we just got a bomb 1 hour ago. Ip spoke that he closed the hosting acount yesterday and just notice us today, so we don't know how many time we have to react to this situation.

Ip will giive us all the info/codes of the game, at least was what he told, so we are trying to find a solution for it.

Right now Arno is trying to get contact to IP about the hosting space but IP told that he don't know when the site will be shut down, so we are trying to prevent that.

We will try to give more information about it and we will fight to keep the game alive.

About premium, IP told that we will refound the managers that bought premium recently but we hope this will not be necessary if we can keep the game working.

We will inform of what will happening.

Transfer Engine problem (13 May 2017)

A problem with the transfer engine temporarily paused all completed transfers. This was fixed , our apologies for those who had to wait ...

Future Generation Funrace Competition (23 April 2017)

Hi Peloton managers,

this week will start the fun race competition, our 2nd season.If you would like to join please check the forum and add.

Fir the teams that entered season 1 please check the forum email because you have there instructions to join the league.

Thanks to Genomico for creating this competition.

Good luck to all

Email problem (27 March 2017)

There are some teams that didn't get any email because the email isn't working or because they don't have email in game

Teams with wrong email
-PIPPON'S TEAM (10563)
-VIPER SPORT (10592)
-MKTTEAM (110)
-FAEMA (52)

Teams without email

Please check email

Teams without sponsor (16 March 2017)

We have 33 teams without sponsor for this season. If you are in this list you just need to follow this steps to renew sponsor:

1-Finances; sponsor; add sponsor


id name
47 Bianchi
113 CC Les Loges
564 TGV
657 Team Høng
886 BeterLaatDanNooit
1424 Shipley Rams Racing
7856 Op kop de sloot in
7927 St-Etienne cyclo team
8470 CNT Prague
9640 Stars War
9904 Joanteam
9955 BadgerBadger
9999 PSYC Copenhagen
10183 Hennerie
10269 Heroic Cycling
10433 Salas Bike Team
10465 primavera
10470 latitanti
10512 BMC rules
10514 Yup
10556 Cube
10557 GIOS
10559 Humminbird Team
10568 il volo
10578 WTC Platten Tuub
10579 Karolek
10581 TeamSkyMobile
10582 Drewna Team
10584 Filuccio Cycling
10587 Tama D
10589 St Raphael
10590 Husarian
10591 Zemanlandia

Retirement for 40 year olds (14 March 2017)

After results off the last poll, some of the cyclist aged 40 did retire during the update proces, their teams received a small compensation for this,
Next Season this age probably will be lowered to 38,

Season 17 (12 March 2017)

Hi there,

all the updates were made and now we are ready to start season17.

The calendar is already available and teams placed in the new divisions.

Get ready to fight for the GC or for a stage.

We will also have again the Funrace competition created by our manager Genomico. More news will come.

Good Luck

Preview for season 17 calendar available (8 March 2017)

We put a preview online for the calendar of the new season which will start next tuesday . Don't forget to buy merchandise before sunday's update !
The preview is available here (click)

Celebrate our 10th anniversary with us (30 November 2016)

To celebrate 10 years of peloton we decided to make december the free premium month !
Every user has the premium advantages for the next months, those with a running premium contract received an extra month of premium functionality.
Hope you enjoy it.

The Peloton Crew.

Extra competition via funraces (27 November 2016)

Hi to all, we are preparing an extra competition for riders with age between 22-29y because right now we don't know the real value of this riders and to have some extra fun in game. If you have great riders in this ages and do you want to test them please check forum in the topic EXtra competion and write that you want to participate and instructions will be send to your team when the competition starts. You can enter forum here Good luck

Season 16 officialy online now (13 November 2016)

Season 16 of the peloton game (version 2) is now available. All teams are put in the right division. Older teams that raced in 5th were automatically promoted to division 4.

The new calendar is implemenetd so everybody can start subscribing to the races. Because we end in the next year the bug with the calendar is back, try to use the full calendar instead.
First and Last Names are officialy updated to now.

We like to thank Bosko and Ab Normaal for creating the calendar, and Seberla for providing names for many countries.

The best of luck to everybody.

Season 16 update (10 November 2016)

Season 16 is close and we will have a great season in the 10th aniversary of the game.

There will be :
-a fantastic calendar
-a bonus for all managers for playing
-extra leagues that will be announced later

I need something from all managers. What I want?

I want that you guys please help me by posting in local foruns you guys are in and in related to sports and cycling or in online newspaper spead some publicity of the game during this weekend and next week.

Please spead the word and help the game

Thats for playing Peloton and for being part of this comunity.

Season 16 (6 November 2016)

The season 15 finish.

We had during this season several problems related to a problem in the db that made the site be unreach in certain periods of the day. We hope next season will be better.

This next week will be the off season, so next sunday we will have the season update, with division rewards and the promotions and relegations. After that the new calendar will be introduced and the season 16 will start after everything is done.

During this off week only transfers will happen and also funny races on wednesday at 8pm.

We have the forum always active in the top divisions and with infos related to the new season and for questions of the new teams.

Thats to all to be part of the Peloton family.

Update problem fixed (1 September 2016)

There was an update problem this weekend and teams from Id 10399 till 10436 didn't get the update.

The affected teams got a increase of the cyclists skills similar to a training and a small compensation for the loss in income.

The Peloton team

Sponsor (25 July 2016)

There are 52 teams without sponsor so for those teams please check your sponsor contract. Sign a new sponsor contract here. You can also check the forum and see if your team is one without contract and also ask to experienced managers about the game tactics and other stuffs

Season 15 online (17 July 2016)

The 15th season of the peloton game (version 2) is now available. All teams are now in the right division. Teams that raced in 6th were automatically promoted to division 5.

The new calendar is implemenetd so everybody can start subscribing to the races.

The best of luck to everybody.

Preview for season 15 calendar available (15 July 2016)

We put a preview online for the calendar of the new season which will start next tuesday . Don't forget to buy merchandise before sunday's update !

Site down (9 July 2016)


the site is back online again but we still didn't found the cause of the problem.

We know that many teams didn't enter the last tour because of the problem, so we will give a compensation for that.

If any team had a rider that needed this stages to get the number of races in the contract please speak in forum, link down:

Sorry for the inconvenience

Team peloton

Season 15 (3 July 2016)

We are already working in season 15 and we will try to make like we did last season making a quick off season with only 1 stop week.

We will have many new stages for the new season.

More news will come :)

Reset back to May 15th was necesseary. (24 May 2016)

The downtime in the past week caused a lot of issues.
We as admins agreed that the fairest and fastest solution to all those problems was to restore the last backup before those events.
We realise that this can result in other outcome for the races and transfers of the past week and apologise for the inconvenience. There just was no option available where we could satisfy all.managers.
P.S. : Tour standings for the TDF are still off but that will be corrected in the coming week/after the next race.

New managers/Starting guide (11 May 2016)

Starting a game with already 13 season is difficult so new managers need to understand the game behind the game to have a chance to create a strong team, fight for stages and keep health finances.

So we advice that new managers check the forum in particalar this topic created by Serbela that will help you start the game in the better way.

Here is the link

Good luck and have fun.

Riders names (10 April 2016)

We inform that we are making an update to the riders names and today we already updated some.

Country riders names updated:
-United States

we will also update some others during next weeks.

Thanks to Serbela for making the db with the names of riders.

Team Peloton

Caps to 20 will be enforced next season. (20 March 2016)

At the start of season 15 we will manually enforce the caps on leadership and experience.

Currently some cyclists have values higher then 20 due to a missing piece of code in the program. That will automatically be adjusted to 20 on every weekupdate next season.

Polish language (10 March 2016)

We are proud to say that we have a new language added on the game.

The polish language is now available for the Poland players.

The credits go to manager ZenekKonevka, thanks for the translate.

With this new language we have the game available in 10 languages:

The Peloton Team

Season 14 is online (6 March 2016)

The 14th season of the peloton game (version 2) is now completely available. All teams are now in the right division. Teams that raced in 6th were automatically promoted to division 5.
Also the number of core supporters has been raised for everybody with 15 to 20 %.

The new calendar is implemenetd so everybody can start subscribing to the races.

The best of luck to everybody.

Preview for season 15 calendar available (4 March 2016)

We put a preview online for the calendar of the new season .

End of season and new season (28 February 2016)

Peloton reach now the end of season 13.

Next week will be the off season without races and next sunday we will make the season update with:

- Promotions
- Relegations
- Price money for division result
- Price money for best division rider
- Update divisions ( after the division update) some teams will be replaced.

After the update we will add the new calendar and the new base supporters and prices for big tours and classics.

During this next week we will share some infos about new season on forum

Thanks for playing peloton

The Peloton Team

Race not simulated (19 February 2016)

Somethings for reason we don't know races aren't simulated and we need to do it manually.

To prevent this kind of problem and to act quicker we need that managers relate the problem in the same day on forum in this topic:

this way we can rapidly fix it without any problem.

The Peloton Team

New season (9 February 2016)

We started preparing the new season and we hope we have time to implement the new changes in game.

- The calendar is now on moving.
- The base supporters will be updated
- The big tours, Giro, Tour and Vuelta and the monument classics will have better pricemoney.

He will also make the promotion of the game with the commercial and we hope we could get more managers to play this fantastic game.

The Team Peloton

Game down (28 January 2016)

He had a problem because there was a server migration yesterday, and the IP addresses were changed.

The server host didn't inform us so we had to fix it manually.

The game is back and tomorrow we will have the stage of Tour de France, the U21 tour Oberösterreich Juniorenradrundfahrt will be postponed.

About tranfers we cannot change nothing but the team that have been prejudiced please contact us this way we could arranje a financial compensation.

The Peloton Team

Happy New Year , Free Gift for everyone (1 January 2016)

The peloton team wishes all the best, may 2016 be a marvelous year.

2016 is also the year where peloton-game celebrates its 10th birthday. That is also thanks to you : The Players. So we decided to reward every active managers with a 400.000 bonus.

Enjoy, and play on !

End of Year bug contract (28 December 2015)

Since there is a bug to renew contacts in this last 2 weeks of the year we decided to give an extra week of contract to the riders that finish this week contract.

So in the following days the riders with 1 week of contract left will get and extra week contract.

The Peloton Team

New polls (22 December 2015)

During the following weeks we will make new polls to see the changes we can make in game.

We want to change the base supporters of teams, so release some riders with potential of training of bot teams, to decrease the influence of TT in mountain sectors and the price money for tours and classics acording to the importance.

So you can check that is a new poll add and others will follow.

The peloton team.

FunRaces (18 December 2015)

Funraces are now updated and all rider will be 100% fitness, so they will be equal to everyone.

Have fun in the fun races.

The Peloton Team

Vote for Peloton (13 December 2015)

Hi we need you all vote for peloton to make more publicity to the game.
So we did some small changes to the website: the voting page was made dedicated to NewRPG (hopefully this will give us a lot of new players) and there's also a donation button.

Vote here

Is just a small act so please vote.

The Peloton team thanks

Premium member (26 November 2015)

Have you ever consider to be a Premium member?

The values goes between 4 euros (3 months), 8 euros (6 months) and 15 euros (1 year)

What's the benefits?

- Cyclists' training statistics: see and compare charts of your cyclists' training histories.
- Weekly report about training, if rider pop up skill or don't.
- No advertisements: no banners are shown on every page.
- Funraces, you can enter your team till 5 races.
- Team options: upload your personal team logo, choose your cyclists' shirt from a wide range of shirts or upload a selfmade one.
- Cyclist biographies: you can write a biography for each of your cyclist.
- Cyclists and staff faces: you can see how all cyclists, trainers and youthscouts in the game look like.
- Shortlist: save the cyclists you might be interested in to buy in the future, or to follow their career.
- Notes: create personal notes and reminders to easily remember plans you have made for the future.

And some others.

Team Peloton

Sponsor, Funraces and Forum (22 November 2015)

There are 35 teams without sponsor so for those teams please check your sponsor contract.
Sign a new sponsor contract.
We also have working on the left menu of Peloton the Funraces. In there you can check your team performance and train tactics. The riders don't lose fitness.

You can also check the forum and ask to the experienced managers tips and other things like participate in your division forum and other stuffs.

The Peloton Team

Season 13 STARTS (8 November 2015)

We are please to announce that season 13 will start this Tuesday.

The combination of work between IP, Schizm and ElGringo made an easy season update and everything is ready to roll.

ATTENTION: To see the right order of the calendar please chose full calendar this way the calendar will be by order.

Don't forget also to check the Finances to find a new sponsor (this for the teams that ended sponsor contract)

Enjoy this new season.

The peloton team

Standings after season 12 (1 November 2015)

Champion and podium places
Season----------Winner-------------Runner-Up----------3rd Place
05----Equipe à Grande Vitesse----De Droeftoeters----C10H15NO
06----Equipe à Grande Vitesse----De Droeftoeters----Petrolul Ploiesti
07----Equipe à Grande Vitesse----Team Franconia----PAN
08----Lions of Avalon--------------PAN------------------Team Franconia
09----Team Franconia--------------De Droeftoeters----De Kasseienstoempers
10----Team Franconia--------------GSC-----------------De Droeftoeters
11----De Kasseienstoempers------Team Franconia----De Droeftoeters
12----Team Franconia--------------De Droeftoeters----Rats

Advertise the game (31 October 2015)

We need to make grow the number of managers of the game so for that we need to make publicity, that's why I am searching for some one that wants to help creating an add for the game for publicity.

If you are interested in help please contact me Team Id 111 or via forum in the topic game project.

The Peloton Teams thanks the help.

Season 13 (20 October 2015)

Next season is already being prepared. Right now we are planing what to do, witch will be the new stages to add and try to create a fantastic calendar. We will try to make like last season with only 1 week off-season. You can already find some info on the forum click Don't forget to check your riders contracts and the number of races you promises him to do or they will leave the team. The Peloton Team

Browser Game List (28 September 2015)


Peloton has been added into a browser game list. You can go there to vote and leave your opinion about the game. We appreciate


Week Update x2 for everyone (3 August 2015)

Because of the problems with the update yesterday and a missing backup we decided to give everyone a second weekupdate.
The number of weeks on contracts for cyclists, trainers and scouts was increased with 1 before the second update and the double wages were compensated. Also expired contracts of those affected yesterday in the second update were restored.
Again we are very sorry for any incovenience.

Week Update (3 August 2015)

There was a problem with the week update and some teams had the update and others don't.
Trying to fix this some teams got a second update and other still without update.

We will make a back up before the week update of yesterday.

The back-up will be made today, so after the back up there will be the week update, so AFTER PLEASE CHECK AGAIN YOU TEAM SELECTION FOR NEXT STAGES AND TACTICS.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yesterdays race was simmed today in division 6.4 (30 July 2015)

Due to a small bug (caused by a injured teamleader) yesterdays (Ronde van Vlaanderen) could only be simmed tonight for division 6.4.

May we ask everybody to report a missing racesim as soon as possible on the forum or in the game (PM to Schizm and/or ElGringo). So we can fix this without having to rearrange the Calendar.

Thank you and our apologies for the inconvenience.

Sponsor and world page (13 July 2015)

There are 163 teams without sponsor so for those teams please check your sponsor contract. Sign a new sponsor contract here. The bug with the world page was found and corrected, sorry for the inconvenience.

Season 12 has started ! (12 July 2015)

The season update has run and the new calendar has been generated.

First race is planned Tuesday July 14th.


Season 12 is coming ! [UPDATE] (11 July 2015)

Sunday July 12, the season update is scheduled.
Be prepared ! Check your riders contract : did you meet all minimal races demands ? Nobody with 1 week left on his contract ? Do you have the necesseary merchandise in stock ?

After the season update the new calendar will be published. You can already find some info on the forum click

A preview (the planning sheet in xlsx format) is available here

The best of luck to everybody

Week Update Monday (6 July 2015)

Today I(ElGringo) was trying to fix some problems with the week update for some teams and accidentally I made a new week update. For the teams that lost riders to the transfer list or with merchandise, please contact me or in the forum here or to my team, Melres United.

Planning season 12 (UPDATE) (5 July 2015)

Season 11 is finished and we will try to get season 12 running as fast as possible. Our goal is to get the season update running this week and get a new calendar online by sunday so we can start without delay.
In the meantime do not forget to buy merchandise.

The new calendar is ready to be generated during the season update, if all goes well we hope we can start racing next tuesday. It will cover 15678 km and count 96 races again : 24 one day races (6 U21), 12 three day tours (one of those U21), 1 five day tour and 3 big Tours.

Possible plans for the future of the game (24 June 2015)

The end of season is coming soon, so we would like to bring an initiative of our fellow player Ab Normaal to your attention.
As most of you know by now, the creator of the game, Il Padrino, doesn't find the time anymore to let the game evolve. He is even considering selling the game. So Ab worked out a plan to buy the game from him with a group of shareholders.
You can find more about his suggestions on the forum here
Please, let us know what you think.


Peloton is on Facebook, so make us a visit, put a like and share the page to your friends :)

P.S. Today we had the visit of the professional rider RUI COSTA the world champion from 2013.

A big thanks by suporting the Game :)

Race later in 4.4 and supporters adjusted. (3 May 2015)

Due to a bug with injured cyclists in division 4.4 , race simulation was skipped earlier today. This was corrected.

Supporters in all divions after the youth race where also recalculated.

Please check those numbers if you already bought merchandise. We arer sorry for any inconvenience.

Fleche Wallone (Simulation missing) (11 April 2015)

Teams who susbscribed cyclists for the Fleche Wallone race in division 2.1 and 5.2 have been compensated for the missing simulation for that race.
They have been awarded extra money and supporters based on a equal share for each cyclist of the l pricemoney in that race. Attention : There will be no message in your finances history for this !

Our apologies for the complications caused by this issue.

Fun Races (2 April 2015)

Fun races are created for managers that want to test some kind of terrain and/or different tactics.

In the fun races your riders don't use the fitness from the normal calender. So they all start at 100% and loose nothing after the race.

You can find the fun races in your peloton left menu.

The races will take place every wednesday at 19:00 (CET)

Good races

First update of the season UPDATE ! (23 March 2015)

The update that was unexpectedly interupted last night, has now been finished succesffully. All teams that were skipped yesterday are updated now..

First update of the season performed (late) (22 March 2015)

The sunday update, the first of season 11, has been run two hours later then expected. Our apologies

Next updates are scheduled to run at the usual time of 20:00 (CET) again.

First race has been simulated (with delay) (17 March 2015)

The first race of the season has been simulated, although with a delay. Apparently, the planned job wasn't defined completely correct, and the job didn't trigger properly at 13:00 this afternoon.

This has been fixed, so (hopefully) the next race will be simulated on time.

Equipment effect changed : UPDATE ! (4 March 2015)

New values for the equipment are now in effect..

If you already submitted tactics for the new calendar be sure to check if it still is the best choice of equipment.
.UPDATE : we had to rework the numbers again because the timetrial skill was neglected by the game.
Sorry for the inconvenience !

Transfers have been activated, calendars generated (2 March 2015)

The transfers have been activated. All transfers for which the deadlines had already passed, have been processed. From now on, deadlines are checked every 15 minutes.

The calendars for season 11 have been generated as well. Note that the first race of the season is currently on Tuesday, the 17th of March. Depending on whether the issue with the mail can get solved in time (read: this week), the start date may move up by a week (so on Tuesday the 10th).

If the start date is changed, it will be announced, of course.

Just for your information: there are no weekly updates until after the first race, as the cyclists' wages would create financial issues for some teams.

Game starts delay (27 February 2015)

The db of the game changed to a new windowns and there has been some problems related to the email that generate passwords and other things related to the game, so the new season will only start after this problems were solve. Everyone will get an email informing about the start of the season with time. The sunday update is off so anyone will have problems with merchandise and contracts. About contracts please check your sponsor contract.
Sign a new sponsor contract here Sorry for the incovenience. More information will follow soon here or in the forum here The Peloton Team

Minor update: season update complete (21 February 2015)

Just a quick update: the update of last season has been completed. The calendar for the new season will be generated soon.

There's still an issue with e-mails not getting send from the server. This will be a priority to get working before the next season can get started, as currently no new players recieve their registration mail (including the initial password).

Back in business! (16 February 2015)

After more than a month of downtime, we're back up. The game moved to a different server, which fixed a bunch of errors we had been experiencing and prevented us from making any modifications to the game. Performance wise there might also be some noticeable improvements.

Game-wise, the database was recovered from Sunday January 11, 10 minutes before the weekly update. After this, any progress is considered invalid, as the update of that evening shouldn't have ran.

Because of the downtime, all transfer deadlines have been extended with 45 days. For Premium players, their Premium account has also been extended with 3 months, as compensation.

Next season should most likely start next week, or at the latest the week after. We still have to run lasts seasons final update, and we'll be adding new races for next season as well.
At the moment, there are also no processes running (transfers, funraces). These will be activated with the start of the next season.

More news to follow...

And welcome back!

END OF SEASON AND RESET (30 December 2014)

The end of season will be next Sunday so after that we will reset the game to correct some bugs in game, to create the new calendar, make the rearrangment of the divisions manually and other changes like was said in the Christmas message, so the site will be down sometimes.

Depending on the work, the new season will start tuesday day 13 or 20, but is almoust certain that will be day 20.

Sorry for the incovenience.

More information will follow soon on the forum here

Happy New Year

The Peloton Team

Races after January 1th (25 December 2014)

Due to a small bug affecting the display order in the (short) calendar the races in 2015 are not shown.
Because the season ends on January 4th, we advice to use the complete calendar to subscribe to the races after newyear.
We are sorry for any inconveniece this might cause.

Merry Christmas (23 December 2014)

We wish all the Peloton managers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In the meantime we are working hard to get things ready for the new season, so our christmas presents for you, the managers, are new stages, new team jerseys, and new equipment.

More information will follow soon on the forum here

Best wishes and many good race results.

The Peloton Team

Oberösterreich Juniorenradrundfahrt (19 October 2014)

Subscribing to the second and third race of the Oberösterreich Juniorenradrundfahrt is now possible. This is the junior tour planned at the end of november.

Don't forget to sign a sponsor (19 September 2014)

Next sunday (20:00 CET) the first update of season 10 will be performed. It came to our attention that a lot of managers still need to sign a new sponsor contract ! Without a sponsor contract a valuable part of this weeks income will be lost.
Sign a new sponsor contract here

GAME STARTS TUESDAY DAY 16 (15 September 2014)

The new season will start TOMORROW Tuesday the 16th, so enter your team today or tomorrow till 12h45 (CET).
We are aware that the calendar displays the races for next year first, use the complete calendar for a better overview.
We are working on a solution for this.
If you have questions about the game, please visit the forum here


Game recovered, calendars generated (14 September 2014)

After updating the website, a server error occurred that forced us to restore from a backup. The server backup was around 2 weeks old (6 September), but luckily there was a more recent backup of the database (of today to be exact) so thankfully, no real harm was done. Our apologies for the downtime this weekend.

The calendars have been generated as well, so season 10 can get on its way without delay. First race is Bellegarde - Beaucaire, next Tuesday. Good luck everyone!

Divisions reorganized! (10 September 2014)

All divisions have been reorganized (many thanks to Helder!) now. Because of the current number of active players, division 7 has been removed from the game. There are still a couple of divisions that have less than 12 players, those will be filled up with bots very soon.

Season 10 beginning the 15th! (7 September 2014)

The end of season 9 is nigh, and the season update will be tonight! The calendar will be generated during the next days, so the first race will be during the week of September 15. Once the calendar is available, there will be another announcement.

As usual, there won't be an update next week (September 14) as to compensate for a lack of races next week.

First race of season = NORMAL race (20 May 2014)

The first race of the season is NOT an ITT but a normal race. This has been adapted

Season 9 calendar ready! (18 May 2014)

The calendar for season 9 has been generated for all the divisions. We apologize for the delay as there are over 50 new races for next season and we had some issues uploading the race profiles.

First race of season 9 starts next Thursday, good luck everyone!

Season 9 : a bit later than expected (5 May 2014)

Normally this week season 9 would have started.
But the server is experiencing some issues. One of these issues is the upload of new races. This prevents us to have a new calender.
We would like to solve these problems first (maybe a server reboot is needed) before we start a new season and might risk problems during the races.
Hopefully, next week we will start season 9 with some new races.

Also we will try to remove all INACTIVE teams and fill the gaps with lower ranked active teams. This way we try to create more fun for the few active users we still have !

Thanks for understanding

Season 8 starts WEDNESDAY 08 JAN 2014 (7 January 2014)

Please take care that the new season starts already on wed 08 jan !!
Make sure you have your team subscribed for the first races !!

Good luck to all !!!

Season update tonight! (5 January 2014)

The update that will end season 7 and starts the next one will run tonight. Because there are a number of players who renewed the contracts of some of their cyclists with 0 guaranteed minimum races, there is the fear that this will give a problem during the season update and these cyclists will leave the team because of a contract breach.

Although this normally shouldn't pose any problems, it was requested to temporarily disable the check on minimum races during the update tonight, just to be on the safe side. This is only a minor check during the update, so it was easy to comply to this request.

Good luck with season 8 and a happy new year to everyone!

Tactics issue for the U21 races (22 December 2013)

There are problems changing the tactics of the U21 races in the last week. Everyone who have already subscribed, can not change any tacics anymore
I have unsubscribed everyone for the U21 on the last sunday (29/12), so you can subscribe again for this race.
However for the U21 on monday 23/12 it is a little too late to unsubscribe everyone (and risk that the teams can not subscribe again).
If you want to change the tactics for this race, please send me, THE NIKEBOYS (117), a PM and I will try to unscubscribe you in time

Sorry for the inconvenience

Some races not simulated (11 November 2013)

We have noticed that in some divisions some races are not simulated.
We are looking into this problem ...
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Today's race delayed (4 November 2013)

Because the weekly update ran yesterday evening, even though it shouldn't have, we had to restore the database to the point right before the update (3rd November at 19:50).

Because this might have removed some last minute changes for today's race, we have decided to delay the race until this evening so that everyone still has the chance to make tactical changes if necessary.

Our apologies for this nuisance.

Website down due to diskspace (28 October 2013)

We ran out of diskspace again last sunday evening, causing a failed weekupdate and no site access.

We will postpone the start of the Tour de France and perform a weekupdate first.

We will start from a backup of this morning, so ALL actions that you will do now will be UNDONE !
Please have patience for more info we will announce here

And again, we are very sorry for the trouble.

UPDATE : Calendar has been shifted one week, so first race of the Tour De France will start on 4/11.
Also the weekupdate is done.

REMARK : next sunday there will be no weekupdate (no training, no wages, ...)

Races simulated (9 October 2013)

The website was unavailable again this afternoon, we have started the simulation of today's races now. We are aware that there are still some problems with the new changes to the race engine. We hope to have these solved as soon as possible.

The problem with the low disk space should be solved during or soon after the weekend. Our apologies for these issues.

Race engine (finally) updated (1 October 2013)

The race engine has finally been updated, our apologies for the additional delays. You should notice a new tactic called 'Gen. standings', comparable to what was already available in the funraces for testing.

Please keep in mind that this tactic is only visible for regular races in tours. So for tomorrow's first race of the Giro, you won't be able to set this tactic yet as this is a timetrial.

Website back online (30 September 2013)

The game was unavailable most of the afternoon because of a database issue.

It seems the server ran out of disk space, making it impossible for the database to run queries. We fixed it for now by removing some old backups, but are still looking into on where to find more space. We know the race reports take up a lot of additional space, but normally we should still be able to run a couple of more seasons on the current hard disk.
If anything, we could buy more from the hosting company (if the costs are reasonable).

Where are the promised race engine changes ?? (4 September 2013)

A big mea culpa from the peloton developers who promised the changes announced on
- May 26th (Race engine changes for next season)
- June 29th (Funrace engine changes)
to be implemented in the official race engine from this season onwards.
We struggled a bit with the final implementation (and lack of time) and were not ready for the first race.

However, from next week onwards, these changes WILL be introduced !
For those who can't fully recall what these changes were all about, on the page below you can click on the link "View all past announcements" and read it again

Season update complete, season 7 commences! (2 September 2013)

Yesterday's season update ran without issues, and was the first one including the automatic promotions/relegations of teams since the game restarted. With the earlier season updates, we had to do this manually as not all the divisions were filled (all teams started in division 5, and we moved up a division each season). Now that all the divisions are filled, we could finally re-activate the automatic promotion process, making our lives a bit easier.

The calendar has also been generated today, and the first race will be this Wednesday, the 4th of September.

Next season we plan to include the calendar generation in the Sunday update, so that the season updates will be more seamless in the game.

Good luck everyone!

New subdivisions for division 7 (13 July 2013)

We had some new registrations these last days, filling up all remaining subdivisions in level 7. We decided not to start a new division 8 at this point, but rather expand the sublevels from 16 to 32.

The calendars for division 7, sublevels 17 to 32 are slightly different for next week. Because the Tour de France was already ongoing, teams in these divisions can't participate in this tour anymore. We removed these races from the calendar and planned some of the next races a little sooner, so that teams playing in these divisions won't have to wait extra long to start racing.

Funrace engine changes (29 June 2013)

Some aspects of the current race engine might be unclear to a majority of the managers like :
- what tactics do I need to set for my main rider who is going for the yellow jersey or a good general classification ?
- the way helpers act sometimes

In order to clarify these aspects, the current FUNRACE engine have been adapted.
We have added a new tactic, besides save fitness, attacker, helper and final sprinter, we welcome :

How many tactical points does this new tactic cost ? And what does it do ?

It will cost you ZERO tactical points and it will do .... NOTHING !

BUT, it does change the behaviour of your helpers !
When you choose this tactic for a rider, all helpers will stick with this rider ! If he drops from the peloton, the helpers will drop with him and even form a group on their own if necessarry, and try to get this GC back in the peloton.
The GC rider needs to be protected as much as possible. Helpers will try to stick with this guy at any time !

What if you choose 2 or more GC riders ?
Helpers will stay with the most upfront GC rider in the race. If 1 GC drops from peloton and the other is able to stay in the peloton, the helpers stay in the peloton (if they can).

What happens if no GC tactic is chosen ?
Helpers will stay with the most upfront "final sprinter" rider.

What happens when no GC and no Final Sprinter is chosen ?
Helpers will stay with the most upfront attacker. (ofcourse, when this attacker is in front of the peloton, helpers will just stay in the peloton, like they do in the current engine)

What happens when no GC, no Final Sprinter and no attacker is chosen ?
Helpers will just relay the peloton, they will not stick with any Save Fitness rider or a "no tactic" rider.

Conclusion :
Helpers work in a hiarchical way :
1. Stick with GC rider
2. If no GC, stick with final sprinter
3. If no sprinter, stick with attacker.

You can test this new tactic in the funraces.

If all goes well, these changes will be aplied to the official race engine from next season onwards !

Division 7 teams corrected (2 June 2013)

It seems there was something we overlooked when making the changes to the divisions, and the lowest divisions were still being filled out to 20 teams instead of 12. This has been fixed, and the excess teams in division 7 were assigned to new divisions.

Our apologies for this nuisance!

Division forum link added to menu (2 June 2013)

A link to the division forum has been added to the main menu. Comparable to messages, there will now also be a little icon next to the link indicating new topics/replies since your last visit. This icon also appears in the link on the division page and next to the individual topics on the forum page itself.

At the moment the notification works per division forum, and not per topic. This means that the moment you visit the forum page, the notification is updated. So even if you don't actually click the unread topics, they will be still all be marked as 'read'.

This is already a big improvement for the time being, but if there's enough demand for it, we'll expand this to individual topics at a later stage.

Division 6 clean up and creation of division 7! (26 May 2013)

Players in division 6 probably noticed the amount of teams in their division going over the limit of 12. Because of this, two actions were performed today:

1. All inactive teams in division 6 were removed
With an abundance of active teams, it was possible to remove all the inactive teams in each subdivision, without the need to shuffle teams to fill out these divisions.
2. Creation of division 7
After the clean up, there were still 14 excess teams in division 6. So we decided to go on and create a new division, again with 16 subdivisions, for the time being. Depending on the number of inscriptions, we might raise this to 32. Keep in mind that should we do this, the number of relegating teams from division 6 will increase from 2 to 4.

The 14 excess teams were removed from each division with more than 12 teams. The teams being moved to divisions 7:1 and 7:2 were selected on the registration date.

The calendars in division 7 are exactly the same as the other divisions, and will continue tomorrow with the Vuelta Ciclista a Pais Vasco.

Good luck everyone!

Race engine changes for next season (26 May 2013)

From next season onwards a few changes will be made to the race engine :

* In the race report, the attacks will be grouped. In the current engine each individual attack is reported as a seperate line. Next season, attacks from cyclists in the same group will be mentioned in 1 line.

* Peloton speed : only the best helpers will determine the pelotonspeed. In the current engine each helpers and each cyclist in the peloton has an influence on the peloton speed. Next season, the speed will be determined by the best helpers in the peloton. As a consequence, the speed of the peloton will be higher.

* Group speed. The same applies for a group speed. The speed of an attacking group (or group behind the peloton) will be determined by the best skilled cyclists in that group.

* Time Trial influence in the mountain parts. Time trial will become more important in the mountain parts.
In flat parts, cyclists in a group can draft behind other riders so they can, almost freewheeling, produce the same speed as the group. In these cases it is not important that you can paddle with a constant pace (time trial). However in the mountain, this draft is barely applicable, so each rider needs to produce a certain pace (time trial). This is why TT becomes more important in the mountain parts.

* Sprint influence. In the current engine, sprint is a too dominant factor in each intermediate and final sprint. For mountain and hill sprints, the main skill will have more influence.

All these changes are already implemented in the current FUNRACE engine. Certain things still need to be finetuned but you can already test the engine for next season in the funrace !
Feedback can be given on the forum !

Hey, where are the +20y youthpulls ?? (13 May 2013)

For quite some time now, youthscouts were laughed, bullied or even fired when they proudly presented a new youthpull which turned out to be 20yrs or older !
"You call that a youthpull, he could be my father !"
"In which retirement home did you pull this one from under a stone ?"
They were fed up with the assaults and decided to do something about this !
All youthscouts gathered in a crisis meeting, entitled "Youthpulls : Mature or Child Age ?", in short the YMCA meeting
Outcome of this meeting was that a youthscout, from this week onwards, would only present a 18 or maximum 19 year old cyclist ! "And the rest can go and play" (MCH sic)

Running contracts adapted (6 May 2013)

The running sponsor contracts have been adapted to the new sponsor money

No weekupdate (5 May 2013)

The sponsor page was only available quite late, so a lot of managers were unable to sign a sponsor.
The running sponsor contracts will also be adapted with the new weekly money income.
Also the new supporters were last minute which gave the managers almost no time to buy enough merchandise.
Together with the fact that there is no income whatsoever this week, it was decided to NOT do an update this sunday.

However : the cyclist health update has been run so this means that injured cyclists have 1 week less of injury.

CALENDER available ! (4 May 2013)

The calender for season 6 is now available
Good luck !!

Sponsors available (4 May 2013)

Sponsors are back available, adapted to the new division structure.
Also supporters have been updated.

New divisions created (1 May 2013)

The new division structure has been made.
The teams have been assigned to their new division. Please keep in mind that supporters, team ranking, ... are NOT yet adapted !
Also the calender is not created yet !

Sponsors temporarily not available (28 April 2013)

For the moment you can not assign a new sponsor.
We have blocked it until the new division structure has been applied. In this new structure the calculation of supporters, race money and sponsors have been altered a bit. So to avoid that you assign "old" sponsors, we have disabled the link.

We will let you know when the link is available again.

Restructuring divisions season 6 !! (part 2) (7 April 2013)

As already announced before, the divisions will be restructured next season.

There will ba a maximum of 12 teams per league.
In the highest division 1:1, 4 teams will relegate at the end of the season
In each league of divisions 2, 3 and 4 the top 2 teams will promote to a higher division, the bottom 4 teams will relegate to a lower division.
From division 5 onwards, the top 2 teams will promote, the bottom 2 teams will relegate.

Also the number of leagues per division will be decreased.

Why do we do this ?

With 20 teams per league there is a great unbalance between the top teams and the bottom teams. The bottom teams hardly win anything and motiviation (and money) is lost in no time.
Also we noticed that the freshly promoted teams often have a very hard time to compete with the teams in the higher division.
So by reducing the number of teams per league and also by reducing the number of leagues per division, we want to enlarge the competitivity and the fun amongst the teams.

The filling up of the divisions next season will be based on the International Ranking at the end of this season.
So, if your teams is internationaly ranked 213, you will be in division 5 next season, because the first 4 divisions will have 180 teams in total and division 5 will host the teams ranked from 181 to 372.

Remark ! At the end of this season, the 4 bottom teams in div 1:1 will relegate and the 4 top 2 teams in each division 2 will promote !!
We will remove all bots from the international ranking, perform in each division the promotion/relegation rules as they are today, so the promoted teams replace the relegated teams in the international rank, and then start filling up the divisions based on this ranking.

Division#Leagues#TeamsTotal teams#Promotions #Relegations
3 4 48 84 2 4
4 8 96 180 2 4
5 16 192 372 2 2
6 16 192 564 2 2
7 16 192 756 2 2
8 16 192 948 2 2
9 16 192 1140 2 2

If you have questions regarding this announcement, you can post it on the forum here

Terrain overview added (7 April 2013)

On the race overview page, the different parts are added in more detail : terrain, length and slope.

Only U21 in race KEIZER DER JUNIORES (30 March 2013)

Due to a registration error, also cyclists older than 20 years were allowed in the
U21 : Keizer Der Juniores races (on April 18, 2013).
We have corrected the interface so only U21 cyclists can be selected.

As a consequence, all cyclists above 20, who were already subscribed, were removed from the participation list !

Site down : meteor crash !? (15 February 2013)

As you might have noticed, you were not able to access the site for a big part of the day.
The server was down and we have sent specialists in bio-suits to the place of the server to investigate if it was due to a possible meteor crash !

We are sorry for the downtime !

Multiple entry fees for Tour de Korea (12 February 2013)

The Euro crisis is far from over but it seems that also the Asian market is trying to collect some extra money along the way !
The organisation of the Tour de Korea was charging a lot of participating teams twice, three times or even up to 6 times the entry fee for yesterdays and todays race !
The peloton-game crew (and some of their finests users) discovered this "fraude" and demanded an explanation from the Tour Director, who was shocked when he was confronted with the evidence !

"I have set up an immediate investigation and it turned out to be a manual error. The "fee button" on the keyboard of our accountant got stuck sometimes, causing multiple requests for an entry fee (sic)"

The accountant was fired later that day, the keyboard was replaced and all wrongly charged entry fees were repaid to the teams.
You will still notice the multiple finance messages in "this week's history" but the Costs (Other) should repesent the real entry fee for both races.

Raceprofiles overview (24 January 2013)

With the new race engine, it is quite important for a team manager to know what the terrain is on which you will place an attack or on which there are intermediate or final sprints.

Is it hill or mountain, flat or downhill ??
This info is in most cases not so visible in the current raceprofile !

We are working on a solution for this.

In the mean time, I have made an overview of all the races from this season in an excel file.
This file contains for each race the terrain, distance, slope per part !

You can download this file from :

If you have questions about the content of this file, please visit the forum here


Saturday results (19/01) not accesible (20 January 2013)

Due to an error, the result files for the SAN RAFAEL DE EL PIÑAL - SAN CRISTÓBAL race have not been saved to the server. This means that you can not check the result and/or final standings.
However, both race and final standings have been processed succesfully, so all division points, supporters, race money, jersey money, ... are correctly distributed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Supporters corrected (13 January 2013)

There were some problems with the calculation of the amount of supporters from a lot of teams.
Especially the promoted teams still had the supporters of the lower division.
This has now been corrected.
Make sure you check this amount and buy enough merchandise for tonight's update !

Restructuring divisions season 6 !! (12 January 2013)

With the new season (season 5) starting next monday (14th of January), we already have important news for season 6 !
We are planning a major restructuring in the divisions !
The number of teams per league (currently 20) will be drastically reduced and also the number of leagues per division will be reduced.

With this major change we hope to find a more balanced financial situation for all teams and increase the competition in the league.

More detailed information on the concrete numbers and what this means for your team will follow during the season !

Division 2 and 3 teams back to original league ! (10 January 2013)

UPDATE : teams have been put back

When creating the new divisions for this season, we have decided to reorganize divisions 4 and 5 in terms of number of leagues. All remaining division 4 teams are put in 16 leagues and the remaining division 5 teams are put in 7 leagues. All new teams will be put in new leagues.
This way we hope to create a bit more competition in these divisions.

BUT : an unintended side effect was that also all remaining teams in division 2 and 3 were shuffled among the leagues, although there is no reduction in the number of leagues.
This was not logical, so we will put all division 2 and division 3 teams (who did not promote) back to their original league number of last season !

This will be done in the weekend.

No panic if you have already subscribed for race(s), these tactics are also moved to your original league, so nothing is lost !

Promotions completed, calendar generated (6 January 2013)

All teams have been assigned to their new divisions, and the new calendar has been generated. It's a brand new calendar, with a whole bunch of fresh races and tours, with the exception of the three big tours that will always be present.

Season 5 will commence on Monday the 14th of January, so there won't be a weekly update tonight (the 6th). Next Sunday the update will run as usual.

Good luck everyone!!

Update: we have now also reactivated the Funraces!

Calender error page (5 January 2013)

When you click on the calender page, an error is returned.
This is normal as the new calender will only be released when the new divisions are made (promotion/relegation).

UPDATE : Contract negotiations (2 January 2013)

UPDATE : problem has been solved !
There are some problems when negotiating a new contract with a cyclist.
Please wait with these contract renewels until these problems are solved.

No week and season update yet (30 December 2012)

The week update and season update has not been executed yet.
We are looking into the problem.

Eneco Tour Compensation (15 December 2012)

The Eneco tour was not finalized.
We have given a compensation to all the teams who have not received money and/or points for his/her final standings in this tour.
This money and these points are based on the final positions in time, points and mountain standings.
A ingame mail was sent to all the impacted teams.
We hope this can somehow compensate for the bug.

Wrong Vuelta ranking / Eneco compensation (7 December 2012)

Some divisions suffer from a wrong general classification in the Vuelta. This bug is solved and will be visible after the next race.
A lot of teams are also still waiting for their money and division points from the Eneco Tour. This will be tackled very soon. I am sorry that it takes so long, but I am lacking time at the moment.

Eneco Tour not finalized (22 November 2012)

As you have noticed probably, the Eneco tour is not finalized : no prize money, no jerseys, ...
This is due to fact that the stage number in the database was set on 2 in stead of 3 in the beginning of the season.
Solving this bug is quite difficult as it impacts a lot of data. We will see what we can do.
Sorry again for the inconvenience :(

Tactics for 2nd stage Eneco Tour !! (UPDATE) (20 November 2012)

UPDATE: Problem has been solved !
There is something wrong with the 2nd stage of the Eneco Tour. The cyclists are not automatically selected for this race.
Please check your tactic page for this race and make sure you select THE SAME CYCLISTS as for the first race. Hopefully we can solve this before ther race is simulated !
Sorry for the inconvenience

Database problems (14 November 2012)

When solving some bugs with injured cyclists, I (NikeBoy) made a fatal mistake, deleting part of the database.
The results of the Tour de Pologne race (on monday 12/11) and the Tour de France race (on tuesday 13/11) are no longer taken into account in the general standings !
We are looking into the possibilities to rectify this, but probably we will have to move on with the current standings (i.e. without the 2 races).
I am very sorry for this error and I will make sure this mistake will not happen again

Remaining races simulated (27 September 2012)

The remaining races of today have been simulated. We also implemented a fix for this very annoying issue that we hope will finally solve it.

The reason why this problem wasn't solved before is simply because it is very difficult to find the cause for it. We now think it might be hardware related, so we took the necessary measures for this.

We will of course keep a close eye on the upcoming races to see if the problem occurs again. Again, we apologize for this annoyance.

Bugs corrected (22 September 2012)

A first update has been implemented. This update focuses on fixing the bugs related to the new race engine. In a second update, that will be implemented tomorrow, we will address the issues with the race engine itself, such as strange behaviour of the simulation and race results.

Today's update included the following fixes:
- Injured cyclists are correctly removed from tours now so they can't win jerseys
- Points awarded for tour standings have been fixed (no more double points)
- Sprint points are taken into account again for the cyclists' division standings
- Fixed a visual bug for teams with very long names in the tour team standings
- Increased the size of the race profile picture on the team tactics page

The issue with Leaders getting injured during tours and the loss of tactic points for the next stages has been solved as well. From now on, the tactic points from the first stage will be saved for the subsequent stages. So if your leader gets injured, his tactic points will still be available for the next stages of a tour.

We are still working on a second update, that should fix most of the issues with the race simulation.

We would also like to thank you for your patience with th game. Peloton veterans will know that the first week of a new season is traditionally one with problems, as we usually implement big changes and features during the mid-season. Hopefully, all problems will be solved this weekend!

Race simulations delayed (20 September 2012)

As you may have noticed, we are currently facing an issue with the race simulation program coming to a halt after only a couple of races have been simulated. Until we find a solution, we have to relaunch the program multiple times manually until all races have been simulated.

Today's remaining races will be simulated this evening. We apoligize for this nuisance.

We would also like to announce that we are working on an update to improve the race engine behaviour and are trying to solve all of the reported issues as soon as possible.

Yesterday's update successful (17 September 2012)

The weekly update yesterday completed without any issues. Today's race seems to have been simulated only for a few divisions. The remaining races are being simulated right now, we apologize for this.

We'll try to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Update: all races have been simulated!

Game recovered after problem during update (9 September 2012)

A massive error occurred during the update this evening, causing the season update to run, instead of the regular weekly tupdate. This resulted in many issues, such as teams getting rewarded bonuses and cyclists leaving their teams after their contracts got broken.

Because pretty much all the teams in the game were involved and the amount of data updated was too large for us to repair, we had little other choice than the restore the game from a backup.

The backup is from 4 days ago, the 5th of September, so unfortunately all changes made since then have been reverted, including team tactics and training selections.

Because of all this, we decided to postpone the start of the season with one week. So that everyone has the time to set their tactics again. There will also be no update this evening. As there haven't been any races yet, most teams would only lose money with an extra update.

All transfers have been reset as well, so the deadlines for running transfers have been extended with 7 days (counting since the 5th)

We are very sorry for this and apologize to all players. We understand how frustrating this can be, and we are doing all we can to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Website maintenance completed (2 September 2012)

The maintenance to the game and website has been completed. All previously announced new features have been implemented. As promised all existing transfers and Premium accounts were extended by 7 days. There will also be no weekly update today.

This season we will start using the new race engine, in which the sprint and timetrial skills will be a lot more important than before. These skills will be used in combination with the terrain skills (flat, hill, mountain & downhill), so being able to train 'multiskilled' cyclists will be increasingly important, especially for the higher, more competitive divisions.

Because of the multiskill necessity, the training system had to updated as well. The most important change is that from now on, you will be able to train a different skill for each cyclist, instead of having all your cyclists train the same skill.

We have also implemented two requests made by the Peloton community:
- The wages of trainers have been lowered.
- The maximum skill limit of new trainers has been increased from 10 to 15.

We are completely aware that these are big changes, and that we should normally implement this with an announcement made at least a season in advance. However, being not able to train your cyclists to be multiskilled will severally handicap (new) players in the new race engine. Waiting an entire season to implement this while the new engine is already in use will only make things worse.

Therefore, we apologize for not announcing this in advance. But also taking the poll results into account, we think having a better training mechanism already this season will only improve the game.

The divisions have also been updated, and all promoting teams are assigned to their new division. You will notice that the calendar hasn't been generated completely yet (only Paris-Nice at the moment). This will be completed as soon as possible.

Bots in division 2 will also be generated in time before the first race.

If you notice a problem, or you think you have encountered a bug, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Best of luck in season 4, and enjoy the new features!

Season update completed (26 August 2012)

The season update has been completed successfully. In order to guarantee that nothing went wrong, the website was shut down temporarily during this time. Division rewards have been distributed, although promotions are not yet completed. As previously announced, this will be done at a later time, because we will do this manually.

As promised, the website will undergo maintenance, starting tomorrow. During this time, access to the game will be suspended, and everything in the game will be pauzed. This means that there won't be any transfers and no update next Sunday evening. Premium accounts will also be extended with a week.

We think that if everything goes well, the update process should be completed next weekend. We will keep you informed should there be a problem with this deadline.

Season ending (22 August 2012)

With the last race this Sunday, the current season is coming to an end. This means that the weekly update will be slightly different than usual, and include the seasonal rewards, such as prize money for division standings and best cyclist.

As was the case in the previous seasons, promotions will be handled manually, later during the week. Once the top divisions have all been filled with players, we will revert to doing the promotions automatically, but this will still take a few seasons.

The week after the seasonal update, the website will undergo a period of maintenance. As you are aware, the new race engine will be implemented, but there are also other new and updated features throughout the website. Because many pages will give errors while the game is updated, we decided to close the website during this time.

While the game is inaccessible, everything will be halted. This means that no transfers will be completed and Premium accounts will be extended.

In order to give everyone enough time to prepare for the new season, the game will start 2 weeks after the maintainance period, on Monday the 10th of September.

The new race engine is of course the most important change to the game. But there are other additions as well.

- Starting next season, there will finally be an archive of all passed races and tours. Per division, you will be able to view the calendars of previous seasons and all results.

- Fanclubs have been reviewed completely, and are now available for everyone. Fanclubs will act as a 'mini-Facebook' and contain the highlights of your team (and teams you have befriended). This should make it a lot easier to keep track of what your friends are up to!

- Each division will have a small, ingame forum.

- All results (not only the victories) of cyclists are visible in the team and cyclist history (note: this feature is for Premium players only)

Remaining races simulated (16 August 2012)

All today's races have been simulated now. We have taken additional actions to prevent this from happening in the future, in the hope that this doesn't occur again.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

On a side note: the end of the current season is drawing to a close and as you probably know, there are quite a number of changes that will be implemented during the mid-season. We will very soon announce these changes!

Peloton TEST website news (2 July 2012)

The subscription period for the test website has ended, and all participating teams will now be grouped into divisions. The race calendar will be generated after this has been done.

The first race will be later this week; on Thursday, or Friday at the latest.

From now on, there will be no more announcements about the test on the Peloton website. Instead these will be made on the test website itself, and, depending on the subject, on the subforum that was created specifically for this.

We would also like to thank everyone who signed up for the test!

Remaining races simulated (28 June 2012)

All remaining races of today have been simulated. Due to a (minor) error, the simulation of this afternoon got interrupted, resulting in a large number of divisions for which the race wasn't simulated.

These races have now been simulated, and divisions have been updated.

Our apologies for this inconvenience.

Peloton TEST website available! (23 June 2012)

As you probably know, we are currently working on a new race engine (often referred to as 'RE2'). Initially we used the funraces to test this engine, but with only a couple of races per week, the amount of funraces was too low for us to get enough feedback from the results to improve the engine quickly enough.

So to increase the pace of the development a bit, we made a test website available, in which the division races will use the new race engine. This makes it a lot easier for us to test the impact of the new engine on tours and divisions, without risking errors in the actual game.

We will also use this test environment to introduce some new features before they are made available in the actual game, so you could consider this as the beta testing of a new Peloton version.

The database will be a complete copy from the actual database. This means that all the current teams and cyclists will also be available on the test website.

This also means that all players are invited to participate! This beta test is interesting for everyone, as it gives participants a better idea of how the race engine works and will give them undoubtably an advantage for the next seasons. Furthermore, you will also get the see the new features before the rest!

However, in order to make the organization a little easier for us, we will put a limit the number of teams by having a short 'registration' period.

If you want to participate in the Peloton beta testing of RE2 (and other features), you only need to log in with your current username and password on the test website. When the registration period is over, we will keep only those teams for which there is recent login date and group all these teams together in one (or more) divisions.

If you are interested in participating, please take note of the following:
- There will be no actual competition. Race simulations can result in errors and frequent database resets are possible.
- We do expect that you report any problems you find in the forum, this is a test after all!
- The race calendar will not be the same as in the actual game. It's possible the calendar can change during the testing, depending on specific things we are testing at that moment.

The test website will last until the end of the current season (end of August), after which the actual game will be updated with the new race engine and features.

The url of the website is:

Sunday update (13 May 2012)

As you noticed, the update ran at the normal time of 20:00 CET.
We decided to let the update run at it's usual time, because there was actually no reason to delay it. There has been some confusion about the way sponsorship money is calculated, and a lot of this confusion was caused by us, unfortunately.

Due to some wrong communications in the previous season, many players believe that the current division your team is in, has an impact on sponsorship money, but this isn't correct: sponsors only look at the results of the last season, not the current.

So even if your team won promotion, the higher division has no influence for sponsors until the next season.

We're sorry about the confusion this might have caused. So thus, to make things not worse, we decided to let the update run at the usual time.

Ready for season 3! (12 May 2012)

All divisions all have been set and are ready for the new season!
Here is a summary of what has been done:

- Division 3 has been filled randomly with all teams that ended in the top 2 in division 4. There are 16 divisions in total, 8 teams per division. The bots will be added in a couple of days.
- Division 4 has been filled with all the teams that ended in the top 4 in division 5 and the teams that didn't win promotion and stayed in division 4. Because 2 teams in division 4 ended up as a bot, there are 2 (randomly selected) divisions that will compete with 7 instead of 8 active teams.
- Division 5 has also been reshuffled, and teams are grouped by registration date (8 active teams per division). We did this to even things out and let teams of equal strength compete.

The calendar has been generated as well.
Because this will be the last season with the old race engine and the same calendar has been used for a while now (about 7 years, give or take), we decided to turn things around for a change. We took this literally: the calendar has been reversed, and we begin with Giro di Lombardia and end with Paris-Nice!

The traditional 'boring' second week of the season has been spiced up a bit as well, so there will be plenty of action!

Because the calendar was generated a bit late in the week, the first race of the season will be on Thursday. As always, the season will end about 3 months later, on Sunday, the 26th of August.

Important note to the players: tomorrow's weekly update will be postponed for a few hours. We do this to give the people additional time to sign new sponsor contracts, now that the divisions are set. The update will occur at midnight (CET).

Good luck everyone for the next season!

Next season coming up! (1 May 2012)

The end of the season is drawing near, with the final race this Sunday! The seasonal update, that rewards the top teams (and cyclists) in the division, will be the same evening.

Just like last season, promotions and relegations will be done in a second phase, although the winning teams will already receive their prize money during the seasonal update. So your teams won't be yet placed in their new divisions.

Promotions and relegations will follow the color indications shown on the division page. So there will be 8 teams per subdivision, in 3rd, 4th and 5th divisions. The remaining places will be filled with bots again.

Unfortunately, next season won't be with the new Race Engine yet. We will set up a complete test website, where we will make a copy of the running game available. Instead of the current race engine, though, all races will be simulated with the new engine. More information will follow soon.

We would also like to apologize for the lack of communication the past weeks. We will improve on this!

Remaining races of Tour de Pologne simulated (29 April 2012)

Yesterday during the simulation of the final race of the Tour de Pologne, there was a database interruption. This caused the simulation to end prematurely, so a number of races were not yet simulated.

These races have been simulated today, and the results are now also available from the calendar. Prize money and division points have also been distributed, as this was the final race of the tour.

Our apologies for this inconvenience!

Updates (3 March 2012)

  • Update: another feature was activated today. When training your trainer and/or scout, it is now possible to 'unlearn' skills. The selection list contains the skills with '(unlearn)' behind them, which will lower the skill with 1 point at the Sunday update.

    Note that this costs the same as training a skill (10,000), and you can only do one action at the same time; either learning or unlearning a skill, but not both at once.

  • A new system of reporting suspected cheaters has been implemented. On the transfer history page of each team, there is now a button next to each transfer that automatically compares the IP addresses of both teams involved.

    You will immediately get a result whether a match has been found or not. If so, a link will appear that will automatically brings you to the 'Report suspected cheaters' page with the necessary information filled in for you.

    With this system, it's no longer necessary to display the (partly censored) IP addresses on the team page so that could be removed again.

  • There was also an update for Premium members. From now on, race results will have an additional column showing the remaining fitness of each cyclist right after the race.

    Please note that because this data wasn't collected in the past, this feature won't be available for passed races.

    Prize money updated (17 February 2012)

    Update: something important was missing from the announcement below: naturally, there's a lower limit regarding to the number of active teams used in the calculation. Otherwise, if there is just a single active team in a division, the reward money would be a bit too big.

    The lower limit was set to 4 teams. So if there are, for example, 2 active teams in a division, the prize money is calculated as if there were 4 active teams.

    The way the prize money is calculated for each race has been updated, so that inactive teams are no longer taken into account for the winbonuses.

    You can see the impact on this change yourself on the Team Participation page of each race.

    The main reason this was changed is to help those unfortunate teams who play in a division with just a few active players. The system on how new teams are assigned to a division should normally solve this, as divisions with low activity are given priority in the registration process. But depending on the number of registrations, this might take some time.

    With this change, these teams won't suffer financially and, should they win promotion, they won't start the next season with a financial handicap towards other the teams in the division.

    Bot team and language update (13 February 2012)

    A few small updates were put in effect today.

    The most important one is regarding to bot (non-player) teams and the transfer market. From now on, when a bot team is removed from the game, only the cyclists older than 20 are placed on the transferlist as free agents.

    Cyclists aged 20 or younger will return to school to graduate and choose a career path outside professional cycling.

    Also updated are the Italian and Romanian languages. Many thanks to the translators!
    You can switch languages in the user options.

    Youthscout update (7 February 2012)

    Update: we will tone down the new search mechanism a little bit by next Sunday, as it turns out that a lot of the youthpulls this week are a bit overpowered. We want to give the youthscouts a certain advantage, but not in such a way that having a youthscout becomes an obligation for everyone instead of a management choice.

    We, the devs, are still of the opinion that hiring a youthscout as a starting team is not a good strategy. Only when your finances are secure enough should you start considering having a scout.

    The search mechanism of the youthscout has been improved. In the previous system, this was the same mechanism as when cyclists are generated for new teams, but with some extra modifications to take into account the scout's skills.

    The problem with this way of generating cyclists is that these cyclists all end up with more or less the same set of skills. This is fine for new teams as it guarantees that they all start with more or less the same cyclists. But when a scout finds what he thinks is a suitable cyclist, the chance that this cyclist has a more interesting mix of skills should be bigger.

    With this new method, the chances that scouted cyclists have more varied skills are increased. This will also make untrained scouted cyclists more interesting than untrained ones coming from new teams.

    Please note that nothing was changed to the chances of your scout actually finding a cyclist.

    Updates to website, funraces & forum (31 January 2012)

    A couple of updates were carried out today.

    Information of the last 5 logins was added to the team details page (IP address, minus the last 3 digits, and date). No private information is made public, but this can help identifying possible cheaters, like players owning multiple teams.

    The funraces race engine was updated as well, fixing a few critical bugs that will definitely have an impact on the results. We have also made sprints (intermediate and final) dependent on the terrain. As sprints on a flat terrain are completely different than on a mountain, it was an evident choice to put this in.

    And finally, the forum has gotten its much needed visual update. All glory and gratitude goes to our new global moderator, Schizm. Congratulations!

    Calendar updated! (21 January 2012)

    The calendars for all divisions have been generated. The racedays have all moved up a day compared to the previous division, so that there will be different tactical choices required when some tours go over the weekly update.

    The first race of the second season take place next Tuesday, the final race of the season will still be on a Sunday so that the mid-season won't be longer than a week.

    Good luck everyone!

    update: it seems that the races were incorrectly planned after an additional week. This has been adjusted: the first race will be on the 24th of January, instead of the 31st.

    Funraces race reports updated (19 January 2012)

    The race reports for the funraces have been updated. During a race, after each race section is completed, you will now see a list of intermediate results on the bottom right of the report.

    The race report's code has also been optimised here and there to improve performance. You should notice a real difference now!

    There is still some loading time when the cyclists move to the next race section. This has mostly to do with our race datafiles: these are quite large in size and contain a lot of information on each race that isn't shown in the report (at this time). For now, we will leave these files as they are, as we are still working on optimising the race engine and the data is very useful to improve the simulation results. In the final version, the files will be a lot smaller and performance should be much better!

    Season update: step 2 completed (18 January 2012)

    The second part of the season update has been completed. In this update, the divisions were updated, promoting all top 4 teams of last season to division 4.

    The assignment to a higher division has an impact on two things: supporters and sponsors. Thus the supporters have been recounted for these teams. Also any sponsors that may have been signed since the first update last Sunday have been undone as well, so that all promoting teams can sign a better sponsorcontract.

    The bugs that occurred during the Sunday for staff wages and youthscout training have also been fixed. The calculation of the wages didn't take the skill decrease into account, resulting in a much higher wage cost than it should have been.

    Youthscouts who trained in Perception have now also been trained properly.

    The calendar will be generated soon for all divisions!

    The filling of the divisions with bots will be done during the weekend.

    Season update successful, step 2 to follow (16 January 2012)

    The seasonal update yesterday evening was a success. There were are few issues reported related to staff wages and staff training, which we will investigate now.

    As you see on the division pages, all division stats have been cleared but all teams are still in their division. This is normal; we will do the promotions later this week, but first we had to be sure the update was successful before we continue.

    Promotions are normally part of the seasonal update, but as this was the first season and division 4 is still empty, we will have to do this part manually.

    Note that all sponsorship contracts have ended and everyone can now sign a new contract with a sponsor. Please keep in mind that these sponsorship contracts are related the division you are in. If your team ended in the top 4 last season, you should wait with signing a new sponsorshipcontract until your team is moved to the proper division.

    Season 2 (10 January 2012)

    Next Sunday, the final race of season 1 will be simulated. The same evening, the weekly update will also include the seasonal rewards, such as prize money for division standings and best cyclist.

    With the next season approaching fast, there are 2 subjects on the mind of many players: promotions and the new race engine.

    Update: there was a lively discussion on the forum about the promotions-issue. Taking into account the wishes of the users but also to keep things as simple as possible, we have made our final decision.

    Unlike previously announced, only the top 4 of each division will win promotion to division 4. This keeps everything fair, as during the entire past season it was indicated by the green coloring on the division-page that only those teams would win promotion. And this also takes into account those teams who, for any reason, don't yet wish to promote this season.

    In summary:
    - The top 4 teams in each division win promotion to division 4, all other teams stay in division 5.
    - There will be 8 teams per subdivision in division 4. To make things more interesting, for each subdivision there will also be 8 bots added. So each subdivision will have a total of 16 teams.
    - All subdivisions in division 5 will be filled up entirely with bots, so that each subdivision will have 20 teams. New players will take the place of a randomly selected bot.

    As announced previously, bots will be made more competitive.

    New race engine
    Unfortunately, we haven't progressed as much as we had hoped with the race engine. While the engine itself is pretty much ready, the tests from the funraces show that there is still much improvement required to the race report.

    With the new race engine, we also have to review the entire calendar with new race profiles. So the bottomline is that there is still much work to be done and we decided to postpone the race engine for a season (+/- 3 months).

    Races early (20 December 2011)

    Today's race, the first of the Eneco Tour, got simulated 3 hours early, at 10:00. The reason for this seems to lie with the server time, which got reset to its initial US Eastern Time somehow.

    We are looking into why and how this happened, but most likely it was caused by an automatic system update. It seems very strange that something like this can happen, so we will investigate further.

    We are now also thinking about what to do with today's race and the remainder of the Eneco Tour. Reseting the game from a back-up is not something we will consider, as the last backup is almost 24 hours old and would reset too many data. If we can't come up with a clean solution, we will leave everything as it is.

    Update: we have contacted our hosting and they have solved the server time issue quickly. This doesn't change the situation in the game, however.

    We have taken all alternative solutions into consideration but we have finally come to the conclusion to leave everything as it is. We completely understand that not everyone will be happy with this decision, but it's the best possible solution for this problem.

    Backups of the database are made every day at 12:50, right before the race simulation. This means that the last good backup was made before yesterday's race, which is too old to use in this case. Using this backup would mean that yesterday's race would have to be resimulated, and all transfers and new new registrations between then and now would be lost as well.

    Planning the race again for tomorrow would be disadvantageous for those teams who participated today, as their cyclists would have less fitness resulting in a worse final tour result. The database records show that this would be for the majority of players in the game.

    In summary, all the possible solutions would make things worse than they are currently.
    This decision was not taken lightly, and we understand that those players who missed today's race are angry and frustrated.

    We are, however, doing the best we can under these circumstances. Over the last few weeks several server-related problems have surfaced which we had never experienced before and thus the website wasn't prepared to handle these. We are able to identify the cause of the problems relatively fast and each time we make the necessary modifications to prevent them from happening again.

    But unfortunately, we can only prevent hosting problems such as these after they have occurred for the first time. We apologize for the problems and hope for your understanding.

    Races delayed again (13 December 2011)

    Update (for division 5:31 teams only): we have investigated the situation in division 5:31 further, and it turns out the the simulation was interrupted at the 2nd to last step in the process. This is good news, as this means that the race was completely simulated and the complete tour was updated as well (time, points, etc).

    The only downside to this, is that the xml with the race and tour results is created in the last step of the simulation. This means that we are able to continue the simulation, but the race data, which is stored in the server's memory during the race simulation, is lost. As this data is used to create the xml files to display the results on the website, the final race and tour results won't be accessible via the website.

    We apologize for this, but we can at least guarantee that the results are correct and the resulting prize money and division points are too.

    Update 2: all teams updated!

    Yesterday, the same database issue surfaced again, interrupting the simulation of a number of races. Normally, it was planned to simulate these races as soon as possible, but the bad part with this problem is that it is very unpredictable.

    So that's why we chose to not immediately start the simulation (and risk another interruption), but attempt to fix the problem first. We think this is the case now, and the remaining races were simulated today without any problems. Since there are no other races planned for today, this delay shouldn't have a big impact on the game.

    Again, we apologise for this problem.

    Today's races delayed for some divisions (7 December 2011)

    Today's race was delayed for some divisions, due to a database issue. The races for these divisions have been simulated at around 17:30 CET, without any problems.

    The problem seems to have been caused in division 5:22. As a result, today's race results won't be available for this division. This won't affect the remaining races of the Tour de France in any way, but we understand this is annoying to say the least.

    We are looking into the source of what caused the problem, our apologies for any inconvenience.

    Funraces (2 December 2011)

    Update: the source of the problem with the race report was found. It has to do somehow with the intermediate results that are displayed in the report. The results have been disabled for the time being, until we have discovered a solution.

    So for now, the race report is functional and can be viewed, but without these intermediate results.

    The simulation of the funraces with the new race engine was a success, although there is still a lot that can be improved. By now you have also probably noticed that there is still a problem with the live report. We didn't have this problem during our initial tests, so we are still working on a solution.

    The lack of a proper race report might lead to hasty conclusions about the new race engine. Especially the large number of falls. While this is certainly a point of attention, there is also a reason why this is happening and that might become more evident when the report is available.

    Many thanks to those who participated in the funraces!

    Funraces activated & German language added (27 November 2011)

    The funraces with the new race engine has been activated today. At the moment there is only one race profile available, but this will change fast. In a few days we will also release a tool with which you can create your own races.

    Funraces are always simulated on Wednesdays, at 19:00 CET. Keep in mind that this is the first time we will test the new race engine and the race reports and there might still be a few problems and some tweaking required. So if you notice some issue, we would be grateful if you tell us about it on the forum.

    The idea is that this season, the funraces are a test environment for the race engine, so that by next season it will be ready for the official races.

    For those who might be reluctant to participate in funraces: don't worry, teams and cyclists are never updated after a funrace. So cyclists won't get injured and won't lose fitness, no matter what happens during the race. Funraces are just races for fun, outside the competition, nothing more!

    For the moment, we will also not explain much about the race engine's mechanics. We want the tactics and their impact on the race and results to feel realistic and intuitive, so the less you know for now, the better. There is still an interesting topic on the forum where we discuss the different tactics and new aspects. Click [here] to read it.

    We are also happy to announce that German was added as new language! All credits for this work go to Joe: thanks for the great work!!
    You can change languages on the User options page.

    Website updated (12 November 2011)

    The website was updated today, fixing most of the minor bugs that were reported over the past weeks. Among the corrections are the fixed links on the 'Team history'-page and the participated races column on the 'Overview contracts'-page.

    The most noticable change are the asynchronous updates that were added to many pages. This means that certain parts of the page are updated without the need to reload the page completely. You can notice this by the lack of the usual 'flicker' of the website when clicking a button. The filter buttons on the news page are an example of this.

    We have also changed the advertisement banners a bit, because these were causing problems on low resolution screens and portable devices. We removed the ads on the right side and instead added them to the top and bottom of the screen. This also keeps the website centered in the browser window, improving the game experience for the non-Premium players.

    Peloton on Facebook and Twitter (3 November 2011)

    Peloton is now available on Facebook and Twitter. The idea is that we will post news and previews about upcoming features here. At the moment, it is still a bit empty, but we have already added one image: an exclusive preview of the upcoming race report!

    The Facebook page:
    The Twitter profile is @PelotonGame

    Peloton in other languages (26 October 2011)

    As you know, it's possible to play Peloton in other languages than English. At the moment, there are eight languages available, although only the English and Dutch translations are up-to-date (Peloton is developed in Flanders, Belgium).

    Unfortunately we are no polyglots, so we have to rely on the Peloton community to do the translations for other languages. We will of course try to help out where we can. Under Tools, in the left menu, there is a link to the Software page. On this page, you can download a translation tool, with which all the texts of the game can be translated to the language you want. Any language is possible!

    The tool itself isn't very hard to use, but we have added a small manual anyway.

    Afterwards, the translated content can be uploaded via the same page. If all goes well, the translation will become available a few days later.

    Please understand that since we have no part in this, translations are the responsibility of the community. We can not guarantee that the texts are 100% correct, simply because we can't understand the translated content.

    But texts can always be corrected and updated, if necessary. As we are continually working on improvements and new features, new content needs to be translated too (but not necessarily by the same person or team).

    This also means that the organization of who-translates-what lies with the translators. We could create additional subforums on the Peloton forum to assist in this, but there's not much more we can do to help out in this department. Just make sure that you don't start translating into the same language that someone else is already doing, that would be a real pitty!

    Youthscout update (23 October 2011)

    After the new working of the youthscout skills was announced last week, we received a number of remarks that the Perception skill is overpowered, compared to the other 2 skills.

    Indeed, the Perception skill is used to calculate the chance of finding a cyclist and has an importance in the cyclist's skills as well. We agree that this is a little too much. So as of today, Perception no longer has an influence to the 'skill-pool'. In other words, the skill-pool is no longer increased with the Perception skillpoints (more information on the skill-pool in the announcement below).

    This means that Current Ability is now the only skill that has a direct influence to the cyclist's main skills. This also makes the 3 skills of the youthscout easier to understand. To summarize:

    - Perception: chance of finding a cyclist
    - Current ability: increases highest skill of this cyclist
    - Steering/balance: influence steering/balance of this cyclist

    Server status and youthscout information (16 October 2011)

    The previously announced server upgrade has been completed. The amount of memory and CPU speed have been doubled, so this evening's update will go significantly faster the before, as well as the upcoming race simulations, of course.

    Because there have been certain modifications to the game's mechanics such as the FA (Future Ability) of cyclists, there have been some changes to the influence of the youthscout's skills as well. So therefore, we will summarize the influence of each of the youthscout's skills:

  • The chance your scout finds a suitable cyclist depends entirely on the Perception skill. For every point in this skill, the chance will increase with 5%. So with a Perception of 10, you have exactly 50% chance of finding a cyclist. A Perception of 20 will make it 100%.
    Note: a perception of 0 will still give you a 2.5% chance of finding a cyclist.
  • The skills of the youthscout have no influence at all on the FA of the cyclist.
  • The cyclist's 6 main skills are determined by using a 'skill pool'. This pool contains 120 points that are distributed randomly over the 6 skills. Afterwards, they are divided by 10, so that each skill has a decimal.
  • The youthscout's Perception is added to this pool. So the maximum possible value of the skill-pool is 140.
  • The maximum value of a skill during the distribution of the skill pool points is limited to 4. But if the youthscout's Perception is higher than 0, this limit is increased to 5.
  • The Current Ability of the scout increases the highest skill with a random value between 0 and the Current Ability. This increase does not look at the skill limit anymore.
    So the highest possible skill value is 7:
    4 (maximum skill value) + 1 (if Perception is higher than 0) + 2 (if Current Ability is 20)
  • The Steering/Balance of the youthscout determines the cyclist's Steering and Balance skills. The amount of the skill is a random number between 0 and the Steering/Balance skill of the scout.
    So even if you have a scout with 20 in this skill, there is always a chance of pulling a cyclist with 0 in either Steering or Balance. On the other hand, if you have a scout with 0 in this skill, the pulled cyclist will always have 0 in both skills.

    Hopefully this clarifies the mechanics of the youthscout a bit. As always, if you have additional questions or remarks, feel free to post in the forum.

    Status after first week (8 October 2011)

    The first week of season 1 is almost ended and while there were no big problems, there were still some few annoyances.

  • First of all, the speeds of the Sunday update and race simulation. We are aware that these processes take way too long: the Sunday update took about 100 minutes and races take around 60 minutes to complete which is about three times as slow as it should be.
    The cause of this lies with the server, which has insufficient calculation power. We have already put things in motion to upgrade the server, which will double its memory and CPU. This will most likely improve the speed a lot, but we'll keep monitoring it.

    It's unsure yet when the upgrade will occur (it depends on the hosting company), but most likely it will be this weekend already. The upgrade should be fast and the possible down-time will be minimal.

  • Secondly, a few minor bugs were discovered that caused the results to be displayed incorrectly or not at all. All these bugs were fixed quickly so it's likely only a few of you noticed them at all.

  • Finally, the price money rewarded for yellow, green and mountain jerseys in Paris-Nice was incorrect and only about half of the correct amounts was rewarded. This has now been fixed and the bonuses received by all teams have been doubled.

    Please take note that the price money displayed on the tour-page was incorrect as well. This has also been fixed.

    All in all, the issues were minor and quickly fixed, which is pretty good considering the game is hosted on a different server with other settings. So a good start for Peloton, and hopefully your teams also had some success already!

    Training (30 September 2011)

    With the first training this weekend, we thought it would be helpful to explain some of the (new) concepts of training.

    The biggest change compared to the old version is the FA or Future Ability. In the old version, FA was a hidden skill for cyclists that determined how fast they train skills. A form of 'talent', you could say. The FA still exists today, but now there is a different FA for each primary skill.
    This means that while a cyclist might have a bad FA for the mountain skill, he could still have a good FA for the flat skill. In the old version, you would have been stuck with one FA for all skills.

    Another important change, related to this FA, is the speed at which cyclists gain skills. We have signicantly increased the training speed of skills with a low value: any skill with a value below 7 will train as if the cyclist had an FA value of 20! Once the skill is at 7, the cyclist's own FA for that skill will be used.

    Since you don't know the FA, there is always a risk you're training a skill that the cyclist isn't talented in. But this way, the skill can be trained at least to a value of 7. This will be important for the new race engine, that will be used from season 2 onwards (more on this in a later announcement). In this new engine, having a cyclist who is good in multiple skills will be important to get good results.

    In the past, it was usually sufficient to have a high flat or mountain skill, and other skills were neglected most of the time. As this will change with the new engine, we wanted to promote the training of cyclists in more than just one skill.

    Finally, we would also like to mention again that you can only hire trainers (and scouts) with a maximum skillvalue of 10. You can improve their skills by training them. Per week of training, the trained skill will increase with 1 point. But please take also into account that the wages are also recalculated every week, according to the current skillvalues. So make sure that you can afford to train your staff, especially in terms of wages! Wages of trainers and youthscouts can increase rapidly, especially when their skills become very high.

    If there are still some things unclear or you have additional questions, you are free to ask on the forum

    Important: divisions rearranged! (27 September 2011)

    Important message for all managers: all divisions have been rearranged.

    We have decided to assign all teams in all available subdivisions, instead of filling them from the first division onwards. This means that instead of having 50 divisions with 20 teams, there are now 128 divisions with 8 teams. Of course, as more players sign up, this number will increase steadily.

    The direct consequence is that at the end of the season, more teams will be promoted to division 4 (512 instead of 200), filling these subdivisions faster as well. New players will also be guaranteed to start in an active division.

    Unfortunately, this means that any race tactics that might have already been set have all been deleted, because pretty much all teams have been reassigned to a new division (each calendar is linked to a division). So these tactics will have to be submitted again.

    Our apologies for this nuisance, but this action will be beneficial to both the game and the players, so we hope you understand.

    Everything ready for season 1! (26 September 2011)

    Today, the registration period has officially ended and all teams were reset to their initial state as if they just registered. This means that all finances were reset and all cyclists were regenerated. The teams have also been assigned to their divisions and have received their initial sponsorship contract. The calendar for the first season has been generated as well, so all pages are now available for everone.

    All teams start in division 5 and there are 128 subdivisions, giving room to a total of 2560 teams (for this season). Per subdivision, 4 teams will be promoted to division 4 at the end of the season.

    The problems that occurred during the last weeks, especially with certain teams not having any cyclists, have all been resolved, and the game is now ready and set for season 1! The first race of the season, stage 1 of Paris-Nice, will be on Monday, the 3rd of October.

    The first week-update will be next Sunday, the 2nd of October, so make sure to set your training by then!

    Along with the reset, there was also a rather big update today, with several new features, including some Premium exclusives. Here is a list of what was added:

    - Chat: a chat function was added, so you can talk in real time with your fellow managers. Look in the menu for the link. By default, the name displayed in the chat is your username. You can change this to either your first name or team name, via the User options.
    Note: the chat window opens in a popup, so it's possible you need to enable popups in your browser.
    - Customizable top-menu (Premium only): Premium members now have the option to customize the top menu (next to the Peloton-logo). Go to User options and click the 'Customize menu' link in the submenu. Each of the six links can be changed to your preference (links, texts and logos).
    - Team rankings: teams now have a national and international ranking, visible on the team page. Rankings are updated after every race, so at the moment they are still 0 for all teams, but this will change after the initial race has been simulated.
    - Download cyclist & team data (Premium only): Premium members now have the option to export their team and cyclist data in XML format to their pc. Some players like to keep their team data and statistics in an Excel or other spreadsheet, and this will hopefully help them with that. More export functionalities will be added soon. Look for the link on the cyclists summary page (Cyclists -> Cyclist summary).

    Expect even more updates to be announced in the coming weeks!

    Only a few more weeks to go! (19 September 2011)

    Things might look quiet on the outside but we're working on the preparation of the new season. Next weekend we will reset all the teams (cyclists, finances) and assign them to their divisions. The calendar will be generated as well and the first race will be a week later, on Monday the 3rd of October.

    We are aware that there are some problems with certain teams not having cyclists or other issues. All these problems will be solved next weekend, with a general update. This update will also enable the funraces and some small improvements, so stay tuned. Please take into account that the website won't be available during the update and reset. We can't say how long it will be, but it can be several hours.

    Peloton is back! (28 August 2011)

    Peloton is back online! Finally, after about a year of downtime, the #1 online cycling manager is back in business!

    Because the website has been away for such a long time, we will have a registration period to give everyone the time to find their way back. This period will last until the end of September, and during this time there won't be any team-updates or races.

    After the registration period has ended, the divisions will be created and all teams will be reset. This reset includes all cyclists and finances, so until then you are free to explore the website without the risk of making bad decisions for your team.

    If you should run into what you think might be a bug, feel free to post it in our forum. A new hosting occasionally brings new problems, and this way we will have everything working when the game starts.

    We will keep you updated on the changes and new features in the game, so stay tuned!

    In the mean time, tell all your friends to sign up as well and good luck to everyone!!